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Relapse Update

Posted by bleauberry on January 26, 2019, at 11:46:56

So it's been about a week with the antiibiotics Rifampin and Doxycycline, following the most severe crash of my life. It was absolutely terrifying beyond description, the deepness and darkness of the depression, the insane anxiety, literally insane, with the tremors and all, man oh man, I almost went to the emergency room for some Lorazepam or Xanax or something. I was too sick to even do that.

Luckily I had the antibiotics at home and knew what to do with them and talked with my doc about it.

I'm about 85%-90% better. I know from experience it will take months to totally knock out the bad guys.

I've been through years of lyme treatment and knocked out most of it. When I first started treatment, it was about a year into it before I felt any benefit at all! This time it was only a week, because it's a Bartonella flare-up, not the entire lyme spectrum dug-in deep after 20 years of not being diagnosed.

So that's why I responded so fast this time. I just had to knock down one bad *ss organism by the name of Bartonella.

My doc says most psychiatric symptoms come from Bartonella, not the other Lyme germs (there are multiple germs in Lyme).

Anyway, I hope my predictions are true and things gradually get even better. You never know. Nothing is guaranteed.

I do want to add Ritalin but I need to be stable for a few weeks first.

I always suggest that any psychiatric patient who is not satisfied with their treatment should seek out the services of an L.L.M.D. because in my experience they get psychiatric patients well better, better than psychiatrists do. I hate to say that. You would think Specialists would be more skilled. Sometimes they are. There are lousy performers in every field, and there are a few bad apples in the LLMD world too. Generally speaking, I am confident an LLMD can take you way further in your journey than a specialist.

It is my absolute solid belief, based on wisdom gathered from experience, with some really high powered teachers, that most psychiatric patients will gain significant improvement when they add anti-microbial, anti-inflammation, anti-toxicity and pro-immune strategies to their ongoing protocol. LLMDs generally know all that. Some are specific for prescription meds, some utilize both scripts and herbs. If possible, seek the ones the do both scripts and herbs. Their knowledge base is wider spectrum.

The definition of getting well should not be a reduction of symptoms, or a masking of symptoms. It should be a goal of restoring you to your former self. Or if it's been a long time, then a reasonable goal is to restore yourself to being comfortably functional in society.

I can predict that if there is anyone from academia out there who reads this - or any of my posts - they will quickly say, "there is not scientific evidence or consensus to recommend that". That is mostly true - there is tons of evidence but it is mostly anecdotal - lots of it. To the person who sees the world through the lens of academia, research and theory, everything I have said probably sounds like nonsense to them. It is exactly that kind of pessimism to new ideas that leads to a wrong diagnosis, and that kept me in the treatment-resistant camp for way too long.

So I offer a suggestion to anyone willing to listen - keep an open mind. It served people well. It saved my life from treatment resistant depression.




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