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Full Blown Relapse

Posted by bleauberry on January 23, 2019, at 9:12:42

Right now I am suffering bad from what looks like Parkinsons shakes and tremors, paranoid Schizophrenia, depression with panic attacks, stage fright and nervousness. It's terrifying.

I saw two doctors and they both agreed on Bartonelliosis. Which is a common secondary infection from ticks, cats and fleas.

I asked both doctors, "If you knew for a fact that I do NOT have Bartonella, what would be your next suspicion?" There was silence. A virus can cause some of it, for example, the red spots on my torso and generalized weakness. But there is only one thing that causes that sort of "racing anxiety" and certain doctors recognize immediately. 95 out of 100 don't recognize the pattern or the clues. (personal estimate)

So I pondered. I know from experience because I have been here before, that 2 or 3 well chosen antibiotics will calm all of those symptoms down in a matter of days, and that the entire spectrum of symptoms will be gone or mostly gone in a few more months of treatment. Bartonella is a very virulent thing once it gets hold. And there really isn't any proven scientific way to kill it. Each new patient is an experiment.

Bartonella is susceptible to Doxycyline + Rifampin combo, a few other combos, and Cipro, Levaquin. I will likely have one or some of those in my cocktail when I see the doc again this Friday. They say new patients are cleared of bartonella anxiety/depression in about 3 months with antibiotics.

If you have a cat, ever had a cat, or exposure to ticks or fleas, and you have difficult psychiatric symptoms, then you HAVE to consider Bartonella or other similar pathogenic microbes as the actual cause of ALL your troubles. These things fill your body with toxicity and inflammation, not good for the mood center! Lots of short circuiting going on.

I wondered what would happen if I had gone to a psychiatrist instead of an L.L.M.D.? My guess is Lorazepam for the Parkinson's-like stuff and generalized racing anxiety, L-Dopa for the likely misdiagnosed Parkinsons, SSRI for longer term dampening, probably Zyprexa or Seroquel, and likely a mood stabilizer of some kind.

And you know as I do, that if I did all that, I would still be a sick puppy with no hope of getting better.

Some of those would be helpful for the immediate acute phase. For example, while I wait for antibiotics, I would love a BENZO! So I am doing Passion flower, Lemon Balm, Skullcap, and they are cutting the edge making it all more bearable. But I could really use a Xanax about now! :-)

I'm just sharing my story here in real time as it unfolds because I hope others will have their minds opened by it.




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