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Re: Bleauberry: Everything that detoxes gives anxiety!

Posted by bleauberry on January 14, 2019, at 9:17:03

In reply to Bleauberry: Everything that detoxes gives anxiety!, posted by Lamdage22 on January 9, 2019, at 8:40:11

Hey Lamdage22,

You can probably guess how I feel about all that. To me it is confirmatory. We may not know exactly why you've got a bunch of toxicity, but the fact you have problems removing it proves that you do. A healthy person who takes either of those supplements feels absolutely nothing.

Detoxing can wreak havoc. If that happens, it means we have to go lower and slower with dosing.

Here's my own recent example. My doctor added to my cocktail CBD oil - mainly to help with tremors - and I was told to start with a half dropper. Which made me feel like 10 pots of coffee! It was horrible! Paradoxical. So now I have to retry it, except at a mere 1 drop.

The same kind of thinking would apply to you. You have to reduce the doses and detox much slower. Honestly you could drop the Sirulina, it isn't doing much. The Chlorella is the heavy lifter. I mean, they're both fine, just know that Chlorella is the only one of the two really doing a lot of work.

I am also in the midst of detoxing mold toxins. I took a urine mold test and there is evidence of mold. The human body has genes that transform mold toxins into water soluble so they can be peed out. But 25% of people - likely me included - have faulty genes that do not do that water conversion, and therefore the mold toxins stay oil soluble and get dumped into the intestines where they get reabsorbed and recirculated! That's where I am right now.

I was told to take Activated Charcoal capsules with morning coffee or anytime during the day 2 hours before or 2 hours after a meal. So I do that. Immediately within a couple days I noticed slightly less anxiety, slightly better executive function mood, and more energy and interest. The stuff is absorbing toxins in my gut so they don't get reabsorbed and I can honestly feel the difference! It was pretty amazing actually. I also take another "binder", they call them, that has bentonite clay and apple pectin and charcoal in it.

So what I am saying is you should also do that! :-) Get some activated carbon/charcoal capsules. They are cheap. Take them on empty stomach. They absorb toxins and gas. I know for a fact they do not absorb the caffeine from my coffee. They will absorb your meds if you take them too close together.

The first detox I ever did was after reading the book Amalgam Illness and getting the mercury of my amalgams removed and replaced with white composite. I did DMSA which is lead-binding med. I learned from that book that if you stir up too much toxicity too fast you'll just make yourself sicker. Because you can only clean the stuff out so fast. Not as fast as you want.

The most common mistake in detoxing is to stir up too many toxins all at once and have them recirculating in the body and redepositing.

I would suggest wait till you feel like the storm has passed, and then start again, but real low. If, for example, you had a bad experience with just one pill, then start with 1/4 of a pill. Customize the doses. There are a variety of ways to do that.

There are other supplements you should be taking for detox.
-Activated charcoal caps
-N-Acetyl-Cysteine caps (raw material to make Glutathione, the body's primary detoxes) I take 600mg twice a day and also add in....
-Glutathione Liposomal
-Garlic Oil gelcap NOW brand (easy way to get the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal power of raw garlic without eating it) and supplying the necessary Sulfur molecule for detoxing. A single dose is 3 gelcap but for your purposes you just want the sulfur so 1 should be good enough for that. 1 three times a day.
-Alpha Lipoic Acid excellent detoxer - it is only one of 2 substances that can cross the blood brain barrier, latch onto mercury/lead molecules, and take them out of the brain. (the other is cilantro)

I would definitely not start all those at the same time! :-) But if you did, just stay real low and real slow to start with.

To help with the anxiety of detoxing too fast, try some Passion flower capsules, Skullcap capsules, and/or Lemon Balm caps. You could also use GABA or Valerian, but I favor the others.

When we stir up toxins our immune system sees the toxin molecules as enemy and responds. It responds with Cytokines. Google that if you aren't familiar with it. When I say Lyme causes psychiatric, I am actually saying Cytokines cause psychiatric, and they come from other sources not just Lyme. They are inflammatory compounds. When you detox too fast you stir up the cytokines and then you feel anxiety and tiredness at the same time. And you get paradoxical reactions or exaggerated reactions to other things that shouldn't provoke such reactions. That's cytokines doing all that.

A way to stop those cytokines in their tracks is to take the supplement Curcumin. 1 cap a day might be enough. You can add a second or third if needed. It has a very weak MAO-a and MAO-b mechanism to it, in addition to a bunch of other mechanisms, and for that reason it took me a couple weeks to work up to 2 per day - I reacted a little bit downward when I first took it, sort of like an antidepressant only milder, and that passed pretty fast, turned into an improved mood, clearer thinking, and less anxiety from detoxing.

> Hey Bleauberry,
> i get anxiety from everything that is supposed to detox you. It cant be a coincidence! Today Spirulina and Chlorelly for example. I want to dose it in a way so that the anxiety is minimal so i am able to function. Today im pretty anxious.
> Also i got depression from niacinamide but no anxiety.
> What are your thoughts? thanks!




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