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Re: Nardil causing this or something else? Dla

Posted by bleauberry on June 3, 2018, at 17:36:55

In reply to Nardil causing this or something else?, posted by Dla on May 26, 2018, at 14:56:08

Well it looks really obvious to me. But being a 20 year hard-knocks expert on Lyme, I am biased. Maybe I have lymephobia. Kidding. Seriously, your symptoms are textbook Lyme.

You do know that the lab tests are 50/50 accuracy, right?

Let me to tell you a quick story. Same thing happened to me. Months later I fell into deep depression for no reason, really tired, not achy but stiff, just generally unwell. Diagnosed as depression, bipolar 1, bipolar2, schizoaffective, whatever, 12 different psychiatrists, $120,000 total, failed ECT, meds not sufficient, attempted suicides, a Nurse Practitioner says maybe it's Lyme, I see a Lyme expert (LLMD) and 3 years later I am in remission my symptoms are all gone. The treatment was 3 to 4 antibiotics at the same time for many months, rotating them around, and there are books on why this is necessary.

So when you have obvious symptoms of Lyme disease and a doctor looks at you and says, "I am happy to inform you your lab is negative and it appears you don't have Lyme" have to realize that is the equivalent of a Judge sentencing an innocent person to a life in a dungeon with ever-increasing torture and premature death.

I would suggest you go online and start searching for LLMD's in your area. Your regular doctor is not trained on this stuff. Obviously, in this case. Embarrassingly obvious. That's almost malpractice obvious, if you ask me. But it isn't. It's routine. It is the reason I was misdiagnosed and suffered so terribly for 20 years. That's a third of my life - gone - because of one doctor's misdiagnosis.

How you do know if it's Lyme? Well, first of all, you do not rely on tests. If you want the most accurate test - maybe around 80% - you want the Western Blot from IGenex Labs. That's the most specialized there is. It's around $800 and insurance probably won't cover it. And it could still be wrong.

The only way to know for sure is through clinical diagnosis by someone who specializes in it. LLMD is Lyme Literate M.D. Every state has a few. They are specially educated. Family doctors and infection specialists are not. Well, they are, but not in ways that result in frequent success. LLMDs have a lot of success.

A common telltale sign is this: 1.You start an antibiotic for Lyme or several herbs for Lyme. 2. You keep a diary of each 4 hours of your day for the next 5 days. 3.You look for a pattern - the first thing to happen is you feel a little better to miraculously better in a very short time, maybe 1 day to 3 days - then you crash harder than you started - which is called a Herxheimer reaction - and is also the most reliable indicator of hidden Lyme that I know of. Both of the LLMDs that saved my life used that tactic to confirm their own suspicions.

If you think about it, compare the list of things your doctor wants to do, how much it will all cost, how much time, inconvenience, all that, compare that to the effort it takes to swallow a pill or two of an antibiotic for a couple weeks to see what happens? I mean, to me, it's a no brainer, because I have lived this thing. But to others who haven't, it is normal to seem shocking and overwhelming at first glance.

I hope this helps in some way. I really hope your journey stays on the right road. There are several roads to try but only one of them gets to where you want to go. I'm just sharing with you what road I think that is.




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