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Re: Hoping Nardil kicks in at 60 (wk3) - up to 90

Posted by PeterMartin on May 17, 2018, at 22:30:01

In reply to Re: Hoping Nardil kicks in at 60 (wk3) - up to 90 PeterMartin, posted by SLS on May 17, 2018, at 7:32:03

> I'm following your posts, Peter.


> I don't know what to suggest. My guess is that 90 mg/day is high enough for you.

It's much like I expected in that I really feel Nardil working now. I had a few days of almost fighting w/ myself about it (and ranting here) but now I think I'm finally on the other side. I'm praying it doesn't take another down turn but so far I'm back to feeling like my confident "Marplan" self.

> These are some alternatives that I thought of off the top of my head. They are in no particular order. I have tried 3-8 in combination with Parnate.
> 1. Continue at 90 mg/day

That's my plan.

> 2. Raise the dosage to 105 mg/day

I wouldn't consider at this point...

> 3. Add Lamictal

I'm on 100 (down from 150 at a month or so before starting Nardil). I'd rather keep it lower than hgiher although I know you though 150/200 would be good to consider. At the moment all is well but if I need more AD effect I may try to raise that a bit. I only have 100mg pills so it's difficult to split them in to 25mg which would make it easier to go up just a little. I find Lamictal mg changes make a big difference for me.

> 4. Add lithium

Gave me hypertension (bad) w/ Marplan after a year or so. Could retry it but I'm also concerned about weight (hence Metformin) so it's an unlikely thing for me to try.

> 5. Add Abilify

Gave me akathesia pretty bad the one time I gave it a real trial. I don't recall any particular positives.

> 6. Add Saphris

I'd be interested in Saphris. I never read up on it since it came along after I found 7yrs of remision on Marplan.

> 7. Add nortriptyline

Would be up to my doc. He's about my age (40 thus "young" for a pdoc) so he's not super experienced w/ MAOis. I'm not sure he'd be adventurous to add a tricyclic. Something to consider if 90mg fails.

> 8. Add Wellbutrin

I've tried Wellbutrin twice on its own and both times I had a horrible response. Felt terrible / GI issues / etc. Have no idea why. It's been a long time though so I'd consider.

> 9. Add Ritalin or Focalin

I wish I could but there's a risk I'd overuse/abuse those sort of meds. Marplan used to give me something I'd tell my GF was "reverse ADD" where I'd have a hard time stopping what I was doing. Like I'd be working on a project and I just couldn't break from it. Lots of noepinephrine? I dunno but I loved it ha.....maybe a bit hypomanic even at points but I always stayed w/in bounds. It was much less effective in the last number of years so in some ways it's good to try a switch now. I just pray Nardil will continue to work as it has the past 24hrs or so.....

> Right now, I am having success for having added Saphris to Parnate. For me, the antidepressant effect of Saphris is qualitatively better than that I was having with Abilify.

I'm definitely interested to see how Saphris works for you.

> Can you comment on Marplan? Interestingly, my doctor considers Marplan to be better suited for depression with Nardil being better for anxiety. If I need to return to a MAOI, I think I'll try Marplan before heading back to Nardil.

Marplan felt a lot cleaner. I didn't have the ups and downs I've had starting Nardil. But at the same time I think ultimately I'll find it's "weaker" than Nardil as most say. I get a bit of a buzz (not necessarily good but) after taking Nardil on most occasions. I never ever got that sorta instant effect from Marplan. Marplan just made me confident and be a better me in some way. I wouldn't say it motivated me to go out and do things but I did the things I enjoyed. So I'm not sure I'd recommend it for others but for me (or those who it does fit for) I think it's awesome since the side effects are way less of a pain in the a.....




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