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Re: Hoping Nardil kicks in at 60 (wk3) - up to 90 PeterMartin

Posted by SLS on May 11, 2018, at 7:10:29

In reply to Re: Hoping Nardil kicks in at 60 (wk3) - up to 90, posted by PeterMartin on May 10, 2018, at 22:44:10

> I used to take Lithium w/ Marplan for a number of years until I realized it was elevating my BP a great deal (160/95 average to 200+/100+ when I started noticing). That was only taking 600mg and even a decreased 300.

That sucks.

> I read a ton of backthreads on all of these things - didn't you have a serotonin syndrome issue w/ Lithium & an MAOI?

No. My episode of SS occurred when I introduced Effexor to Parnate. I took about 10-25 mg. The episode lasted for several hours. I was babbling gibberish, was incoherent in thought, and experienced muscle rigidity.

> I thought you might have. I do think it helped but in general I can only tolerate low dose Li.

Can you handle 150 mg taken at night?

> When I get in to therapeutic range it makes me very flat and unmotivated...depressed.

Exactly. Me, too.

> I do like it in theory though (grows grey matter). I've heard microdosing might even be in a while if I'm depressed I'll take a 1/4 cap I have left over and placebo or not I seem to calm a bit.

I think 150 mg/day could possibly help with depression, elongate telomeres, and reduce the risk of contracting Alzheimer's Dementia.

> Trileptal was a med I've never tried that I considered. It seems more likely to flatten you out that give you a spark which is really what I need.

Actually, I didn't find it flattening at all. It was neutral with respect to sedation and flat affect. It helped clear up thinking and gave me some improvement in thought speed and clarity. Tegretol is the drug that can produce sedation.

> I was on Abilify for a few months in the late 00s and it caused pretty bad akathesia after a bit.

How many days or weeks did it take for the akathisia to appear? Can you describe what you experienced.

> I've seen a few studies that would make me feel confident about Metformin holding off Abilify wt gain.

Thanks for telling me this. If I continue to experience weight gain, I will definitely ask my primary care provider for it.

> Saphris is interesting. I'm curious to see how you do on that. I hadn't originally realized it was a sublingual medicine. My doctor isn't super familiar with Nardil so I'm not sure he'd be comfortable w/ adding too much on top of it.

That's understandable. Saprhis is an antipsychotic that is incidated for schizophrenia and mania. It also has antidepressant effects and generally does not produce much weight gain. I just wish that it were delivered orally. I'm sure this will be but a minor inconvenience should Saphris give me my life back.

> It's still very early at 90 for me. I definitely feel the hypotension today and dizzyness at time after sitting for a while then standing.

This might remain a problem, but the frequency and intensity of the dizziness might lessen over time. It did for me. In my experience, the dizziness is an indicator that you are at a therapeutic dosage. The brain fog will disappear completely if Nardil is the right drug for you.

> I'd say outwardly I'm cheerful and doing what I'd usually do. Hopefully this is an indication that the true therapeutic effect is aroudn the corner.

Those are monumental improvements, even if they are mild by degree. I am optimistic for you.

> My wt crept up about 5lbs but I was going out for pancakes everymorning and only on 1500 metformin. I've just kicked that up the max 2000 and have eliminated my daily diner run. Metformin can take months to full work so I'd be ecstatic to get relief and a slight decrease in my wt. We'll see......I know that's a lot to expect w/ Nardil (wt)

Let me know how the metformin works for you.

I was talking with my doctor yesterday about Nardil and Marplan. He characterized Marplan as being predominantly a drug for depression while Mardi is better for anxiety. I wish Marplan was less expensive. What they charge for this old drug is unconscionable. Even if it is fully covered by insurance, this mammoth price ultimately costs the entire middle class more money in increased premiums, Medicare and Medicaid coverage, and higher taxes.

> I called the Marplan support yesterday (they know me ha). They couldn't say when it would be available again but I'm pretty sure I could get that patience assistance once it is. Talking to them and having them tell me the assistance program would be possible in my case makes me feel a little better about the bumpy start w/ Nardil. If I keep rolling and never reach stability at somepoint I should be able to get back on Marplan which worked amazing for me for 7yrs....

I think you just convinced me to try Marplan before going back to Nardil.

> Thanks for given me a reason to ramble....

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to ramble back!

> Hoping I wake up tomorrow "clicked in".....

I hope so too. I greatly appreciate your posts.

- Scott

Some see things as they are and ask why.
I dream of things that never were and ask why not.

- George Bernard Shaw




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