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Re: CBD helps Lyme and schizophrenia .... heres articl Prefect

Posted by bleauberry on April 19, 2018, at 13:13:04

In reply to Re: CBD helps Lyme and schizophrenia .... heres articl bleauberry, posted by Prefect on April 18, 2018, at 15:29:49

Here's what I know about garlic.

It is a powerful antimicrobial against a wide variety of gram positive bacteria, gram negative bacteria, viruses and yeast/fungus. You can surf the library of science or other scientific study sources and see long lists of microbes impacted by garlic.

The antimicrobial power is in the stink. Odorless garlic supplements claim to work but they don't. If you buy one and try it, you will feel absolutely nothing by the time you finish the bottle.

Dr.Zhang in NYC (a lyme and hepatitis doctor) makes a product called Allicin Capsule. That was my first experience. I took 2 capsules 3 times a day. Within one week I felt better than I had felt in a very long time. There was a long way to go. But the point is, one week in I felt more from garlic than I did from a backpack of medicines. The problem at the time was that I worked in a big box store and I was literally stinking up entire aisles or sections of the store and it stayed stinky for an hour after I was gone!

To metabolize the allicin correctly, raw garlic is supposed to be eaten toward the end of a meal, not the beginning. I don't know how to dose it. If it were me I would probably start with one or two cloves per day and then adjust from there after I see how it goes.
I don't know if there is some way to equate the amount of allicin in the Zhang Allicin Capsules to how much allicin is in a clove of garlic. Maybe.

Dr. Zhang uses a variety of herbs against lyme and hepatitis but allicin/garlic is one of his primary first-line heavy hitters.

Bartonella is tough. There aren't any antibiotics specifically effective against it, though various combinations are. For example the combo Doxycylcine/Rifampin is known as a Bartonella cocktail. I am on that right now actually. Doxy 400mg per day - either 200mg bid or 400mg once. Rifampin 300mg bid.

Herbal treatment for bartonella is also tough - it requires cocktails and high doses and time. I'm not even sure total eradication is possible. The goal, however, is not total eradication. The goal is to simply reduce their population to low numbers so that you don't have symptoms - co-exist.

In the Healing Lyme book there are a variety of herbs used in combinations against bartonella. Combos of stuff such as japanese knotweed, houttunyia, Bacall Chinese skullcap, and others.

The most potent anti-Bartonella and anti-Babesia substance I have ever encountered is called C.S.A. Formula, available online only from a company called Woodland Essence. When I finish my antibiotics, I am going to chase them for a few months with CSA Formula just to make sure it's all mopped up.

From naturopaths or integrative M.D.s you can buy a product called A-Bart. My LLNP says she has had good success with it. I think CSA Formula is way better.

NOW brand makes a product called Garlic Oil which I have used and is potent. A serving is 3 capsules which is equivalent to 4500mg of whole clove garlic. Dosing is experimental from one person to the next. I have taken as much as 6 capsules 3 times a day. That gets pretty stinky. :-)

A side benefit is that any of these garlic approaches - or CSA formula - will knock out the common cold or flu really fast.

> Bleaberry are you saying raw garlic is as effective as taking those three antibiotics?
> I have no problem eating a raw garlic a day (or how many?) if that's the case (for Bartonella)!
> I've lost so many relationships to this condition I've decided to stay away from women till I fix myself so I have no issues with my breath stinking.




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