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evekeo comparison to dexedrine

Posted by rjlockhart37 on September 3, 2017, at 22:39:20

i've been thinking about posting this, this is just thought and info purposes, difference between evekeo and dexedrine, evekeo had more of alertness, dexedrine was smoother, mainly improved mood more, i read the things that they use to keep task force awake now is provigil, but long ago they used benezdrine which is now known as eveko, it's both equal isomers dextro/levo .. dextro isomer releases dopamine, while levo isomer usually only acts only on nor-epinephrine.....

racemic amphetamine = dextro/levo isomer
dexdedrine = only dextro isomer

racemtic form reduce abuse potential because itcontains half of d-amphetamine, yet providing same alertness, but all classes are abusable, but levo isomer does not release dopamine, it's mainly nor-epinephrine ....this is some history of use of past benzedrine in the military:

they wrote both "improvement" of mental state, then the abuse part of it, and down side of it, so all that is documented

but racematic amphetamine, 30mg is equivalent to only 15mg of dextroamphetamine, which would make it less abusable because it's less d-amphetamine. they started using dexedrine because it's more potent, levo isomer - it's less psychoactive, it increases alertness without dopamine release

provigil and nuvigil .. their very expensive without insurance....provigil lasts 6 hours, while nuvigil lasts 8 hours, both still linger in system for about 5-7 hours after...they just keeps you awake and alert, i take nuvigil from my doctor, all really does is increases wakefulness, not really a psycho-stimulant. It's like coffee without nervousness, its very good for alertness also, abuse potential is low

evekeo/dexedrine mainly only lasts 3-4 hours, quick half life.... which in some theory could be better because provigil lasts 6-8 hours and could cause insomnia if taken too late, there's of course vyvanse, but when i took vyvanse it took 2 hours to reach the peak effect, it lasted around 7-8 hours with me, then it wore off slowly, and during that time it was unpleasant feeling for long time, dexedrine took only 45min to reach peak effect, it was immediate, lasted about 3 hours wore off very fast... no slow wear off

i'd just thought id post this for info, took long time to write, hope it informs you just a little between the two forms, thanks for reading

everything can change like that, and all these years go by so fast, but nothing lasts forever




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