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Lou's response to Hana-accuse Jews as a pathway

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 17, 2016, at 15:39:52

In reply to Lou's response to Hana-pathways for anti-Semitism, posted by Lou Pilder on September 17, 2016, at 15:19:32

> > > > > Anyway, I'm not gonna reply to you any further.
> > > >
> > > > :-)
> > > >
> > > > That's the idea. A troll must be ignored as much as possible.
> > > >
> > > > If you should find yourself replying to a troll, please make sure that the subject line is returned to the original wording without the name of the troll appearing in it.
> > > >
> > > > Thank you.
> > > >
> > > >
> > > > - Scott
> > >
> > > Yeah that's the only solution. Ignore him. I'm wondering though is what he says true? Does this forum really promote anti-antisemitism?
> >
> > Hana,
> > You asked if it is true that this site promotes anti-Semitism.
> > The site creates and develops anti-Semitism. It is done in an crude manner as others greater than Hsiung and Scott have swayed entire countries to think that genocide would be good for their country as a whole.
> > Here, Scott and Hsiung attempt to use the playbook of creating and developing anti-Semitism in a community of people that take mind-altering drugs and are easily influenced by a psychiatrist that is a powerful influence to readers as he says that he does what will be good for him and his community as a whole in his thinking and to trust him. That is the same argument that war criminals used and even invoked it before they were hanged, to justify mass-murder of Jews.
> > Here, we have the psychjiatrist abusing his power to allow Scott and others to defame me and the Jews. Anti-Semitism means against the Jew or posting lies against the Jews or putting their fath down or insulting Judaism itself.
> > Here we have Scott degrading and debasing Jews saying that they have to convert to Christianity to be saved. That lie against the Jews is the foundation of the persecution of the Jews that Christendom people use to murder Jews for centuries.
> > Here is Scott's post all allowed by Mr. Hsiung to be seen as being supportive where it is originally posted. I have pleaded with Hsiung to post repudiations to those type of posts that put down Jews and he is still allowing the flame of hate toward the Jews to be seen as being civil.
> > Lou
> >
> Hana,
> Hsiung opens up many pathways to defame the Jews and create and develop anti-Semitism. One pathway is to allow the channeling of readers to think that Jews are going to hell because they reject Jesus. This has been used for centuries to justify genocide even from the crusades, the Spanish inquisition and expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492 and all the way to today.
> Hsiung uses third party posters to accomplish the lie against the Jews to be seen by him as civil. This creates and develops anti-Semitism here as readers could think that Hsiung is validating the hate as he allows it.
> Here is one such post of many that creates and develops he theme of Jews as being unsaved and going to hell because they reject Jesus. That lie against the Jews being allowed here turns my stomach.
> Lou

Another pathway that Hsiung uses to channel anti-Semitic propaganda is the pathway that Jew-haters use to defame Jews by accusing them of bringing harm to the community. This pathway Hsiung uses Scott even to this day, as Scott want people to shun me as if they participate with me here, harm will come to the readers. This type of hate toward the Jews was even to blame the Jews for the Black Death in Europe that killed millions. Scott an Hsiung work this to their advantage as I am prohibited by Hsiung to defend myself against them by Hsiung posting prohibitions to me here.




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