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Lou's reply-some may see it differently-link

Posted by Lou Pilder on September 18, 2015, at 14:52:28

In reply to Lou's reply-some may see it differently Lou Pilder, posted by Lou Pilder on September 18, 2015, at 13:40:52

> > > Hi Sheilac.
> > >
> > > How are you?
> > >
> > > What have you and your doctor decided on?
> > >
> > > It is EXTREMELY unfortunate that your thread was hijacked. Without active moderation, it might happen again. To get the most out of Psycho-Babble, it may be necessary for you to ignore posts from particular posters. It is not unusual that a forum like this should attract people who are disruptive - whether or not this is their intention.
> > >
> > > It is NOT YOUR FAULT that a few people have used your thread as a battlefield. You did nothing wrong. Your post was perfect.
> > >
> > > I apologize to you for the role I played in the altercation.
> > >
> > > You might want to help convince Dr. Bob to moderate his website more closely so that threads do not get hijacked and civility be restored to the posting community. You can write him a short letter at the following email address:
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > I sincerely hope that you are feeling better. I know that you are trying very hard. Please keep us informed as to your progress.
> > >
> > >
> > > - Scott
> >
> > Scott,
> > You wrote that this thread was hijacked and you advocate that some posters be ignored and that there are disruptive people here that use this thread as a battlefield and you advise the poster, Sheilac, to write a letter to Mr. Hsiung that civility needs to be restored.
> > I could be your subject person here which could induce hostile and disagreeable opinions and feelings toward me here and decrease the respect, regard and confidence in which I am held since your statements could arouse ill-will toward me and put me in a false light as a disruptive, person that hijacks threads. And worse, your statements could lead readers to shun me that could result in anti-Semitic violence being perpetrated against me and other Jews as your statement that could be thought to be directed at me, the person that is trying t purge the anti-Semitic statements from this site and to stop the promotion of anti-Semitic propaganda that could infect vulnerable readers with hatred toward the Jews here that see that what you have written here is being allowed by Mr. Hsiung to be seen as being supportive.
> > Your advocating to write letters to Mr. Hsiung could defame me even more as that could stigmatize me here as a disruptive person when all the time I am trying to stop you being in concert with Mr. Hsiung to defame the Jews here by him allowing you to defame me here. It will take someone greater than me to stop you and Mr. Hsiung attacking my character here that induces hatred into the souls of vulnerable readers that could lead to their death as the mind-altering drugs that you promote as "medicines" could take over the minds of our young people to assassinate in mass-murder in theaters, schools, churches, shopping malls ect.
> > You want to use this site to advocate that others write letters to Mr. Hsiung about me. This could allow hate to be sent to Mr. Hsiung behind my back. That is hitting below the belt.
> > And you readers that are persuaded by Scott here to hit me from behind, this defamation against me shall not pass, for children could be killed by mothers drugging their child in collaboration with a psychiatrist by the defamation against me being allowed by a psychiatrist here to be seen as being supportive which could cause those mothers to disregard of hearing from me that could have prevented the death of their child.
> > Lou
> Scott,
> Your citation here in context is:
> [...I am trying to stop you being in concert with Mr. Hsiung to defame the Jews here by him allowing you to defame me here...].
> To be in concert with someone means to accomplish something together. Here we need a person to post anti-Semitic propaganda, defamation against me being the one person, and then Mr. Hsiung allows the anti-Semitic propaganda and defamation against me to be seen as being supportive by the nature that he allows it to stand without his tag line to be civil as being civil at all time is his policy. But he allows you to not be civil in the defamation of me and the Jews.
> Now the crux of all of this is that Mr. Hsiung allows the third-party poster, yourself, impunity from his rules not to accuse or put down someone or disparage someone's faith. He could know as a psychiatrist how this is inflicting emotional pain upon me, as he is allowing anti-Semitic hate and unsanctioned defamation against me to be seen as being good in his thinking for his community as a whole and supportive. And since I am trying to save lives here, what I write to do that could be discarded because readers could see me in a false light because of what Mr. Hsiung is doing here. And worse, he designed with your help to limit my responses here where you and him together made up the 3 consecutive post rule.
> The rule is anti-Semitic if it is against the Jew. It is against me here, for it limits my response which I need and others are not held to the rule which further could lead a subset of jurists to conclude that the rule was made to keep me from posting what I need to in order to stop the anti-Semitic propaganda allowed to be seen as supportive here. Those jurists could also conclude that the rule is malicious , made to cause harm to me by stilling my voice. And you are seen as standing behind me waiting to come down on me if I was to post more than 3 consecutive posts. That is working together with Mr. Hsiung as being in concert with him and there is a whole lot more.
> You see, Mr. Hsiung claims that whatever he does he is justified in doing it because in his thinking he is doing what will be good for his community as a whole. That is the same justification for slavery and segregation and infanticide and genocide. So by allowing you to post anti-Semitic propaganda and defamation against me here, readers could think that it will be good for this community as a whole because Mr. Hsiung allows it. This is what I am trying to stop because the hatred toward the Jews being allowed here to be seen as civil, is allowed by a psychiatrist. That is different than those that have anti-Semitic sites chaired by a racist with no clinical connections such as the one that killed those at the Jewish center. He was just convicted and used anti-Semitic rhetoric in his defense. His argument was that he was doing good by killing Jews.
> The statement in question is about you posting defamation against me here with impunity that could allow a subset of readers to think that you and Mr. Hsiung are collaborating together to cause me emotional harm because if he used his enforcement policy without discrimination, you would have been blocked and there would not be seen that you and Mr. Hsiung could be in concert. And since he does not respond to my notifications, your posts in question go to the archives, lost forever beneath the streets of Chi-Town, they are the posts that could never return.
> Now I could modify the statement in question t suit you like the following:
> Lou's modification:
> Friends, I am trying to stop Scott and Mr. Hsiung defaming me and the Jews here by trying to have Scott not being allowed to post anti-Semitic propaganda and defamation toward me that could be seen as supportive here by Mr. Hsiung so that Mr. Hsiung sanctions Scott to block him from posting which could alleviate the terrible emotional distress inflicted upon me here by Scott posting the hate, and then Mr.Hsiung allowing Scott to do so with impunity. I see that as that a subset of readers could see them being in concert with each other to inflict this pain upon me here. You may not think so and have another explanation for it.
> Lou

In this link I offered to modify what is in question.




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