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Re: Starting Parnate - Update Robert_Burton_1621

Posted by ed_uk2010 on February 12, 2015, at 13:09:44

In reply to Re: Starting Parnate - Update ed_uk2010, posted by Robert_Burton_1621 on February 11, 2015, at 22:39:17

Hello and thanks for re-posting,

>Anti-depressant effects are mild, but it is, of course, early days.

I think it is very encouraging that you're feeling improvements already. Do you plan to stay at your current dose for a few weeks? It might be a good idea. You've already experienced benefits (early on) as well as insomnia (+tiredness). Parnate is clearly 'doing something' and you might not need any more than 40mg.

>But one very noticeable change has been my capacity to adhere to appointments I've committed myself to.

A very positive change.

>The feeling I experience is like that which tends to accompany occassions of pleasurable anticipation, and it starts in the gut. The analogy that occured to me is the pleasant mixture of excitement and suspense that you tend to feel while waiting for news (e.g.) about a positive opportunity, prize, etc, which you believe you have good chances, respectively, of benefiting from or winning.

It sounds like a sort of acute sensation of hopefulness. Almost like the opposite of the feelings of dread so common during depression.

>No orthostatic hypotension to speak of.

That may occur later, in a couple of weeks, but hopefully not.

>an Indian takeaway. Perhaps the food had been heated, stored, then reheated a few times, and had been stewing in the bain-marie for some time. I can't point to any obvious ingredient as being responsible (mushrooms, peas?), though perhaps the sauces had something in them.

The majority of vegetables contain very little tyramine, even when not fresh. Tyramine is produced during the degradation of protein-rich foods, from the amino acid tyrosine. Few vegetables contain enough tyrosine to convert to tyramine when spoiled.

Was there any meat or fish in the takeaway? If not, it was probably something in the sauce.

Takeaways are difficult due to problems knowing what you're actually eating. Sauces containing soy sauce, various soybean products, yeast extracts and meat extracts may be a problem. A large proportion of flavour enhancers, stock cubes and flavour cubes used in sauces contain one or more of the above ingredients. Takeaways often use a lot of flavour enhancers!

>I have a constant, moderately painful tension-type headache which has settled in my forehead and across my eyes, but this may be a function of my insomnia.

Do you have a BP monitor? Be careful what you take for the headache. A lot of over-the-counter medicines are not advisable. Plain single-ingredient paracetamol (acetaminophen) tablets have no interaction with MAOIs.

Good luck for the next few weeks!




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