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Posted by MeezerCat on May 28, 2014, at 21:33:05

In reply to RE:WLLB XL150/ ERIC HAS SOLVED ALL OUR PROBLEMS MeezerCat, posted by phidippus on May 28, 2014, at 17:47:48

> If you experience an unusual response to a medication, it is always best to take it again to see if your response is the same. This will rule out psychological factors.
> Eric

Perhaps you were grasping for the term psychosocialpharmacology - break it down and think about it-.... psychosocialpharmacology simply recognizes Psychological, Behavioral, and Social Factors. All these factors combined, can undoubtedly influence how one unique individual's chemistry is affected by medication. An individuals view, or opinion, if you will, rergarding medication can be taken into account as well.. Psychosocialpharmocology takes into consideration how an individual metabolizes medication, breaks it down, and how Quickly Or How Slowly one's absorption rate is, the overall efficiancy, and side effects one expereinces as well.

Genes which can be taken into consideration as well. Genes inevitably affect the way medications work as well... Our genes instruct our body how to make turn enzymes are of great signifigance as they break down medications to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. Simply said breaking down the medications allows our body to feel the affects.. Genes are also of signifigance as each of us carries Two copies of each gene.. those of being of one from your mother and one from your father.

Speeding this up here the differences held within these genes inevitably affect the rate of which various enzymes within your body work.

In turn this affects just how well an individuals body can break down and metabolize a medication. AS WEll as how long a particular medication stays within your body as a whole. Of course these factors are of significance as they ultimately determine just how well medications will work within our body.

To sum it up based on what type of genes you carry simply defines what type of a drug metabolizer you just may be.

So variance in ones individual enzymes can determine just how long a medication will break itself down, how powerful it may be, and and how long it will remain within our body.

So as evident from previous medications trial and error I am indeed considered a poor drug metabolizer..meaning I simply do not metabolize medications well. Thus, the unfortunate result being that of "a flooding feeling or overwhelming of my system" as a result of certain medications.

As I initially stated with the XL.

This can be quite frightening as well as dangerous for me as my system is essentially being overloaded with medication. It's quite distressing to even consider the notion death may inevitably occur as a result of "flooding."

It can also be quite frustrating as medication may not even be able to metabolize and even reach the point of being an effective working formulation for me. Thus the end result being failure of a medication even having a remote chance of working appropriately.

Lastly this notion can indeed be confirmed by extensive genetic tests for ones individual drug responses.

Perhaps rather than taking a Simplistic view such as a basic psychological view take a more intellectual esoteric view.

...Now Perhaps I'll Write A Book....

Thank You,




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