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Re: Tricyclic Toxicity and Larry Hoover Guy

Posted by Bob on April 3, 2014, at 15:05:43

In reply to Tricyclic Toxicity and Larry Hoover, posted by Guy on March 31, 2014, at 18:58:36

> I have been taking trimipramine for a couple of weeks now and am starting to hear a song in the distance. It goes something like this: "Somethin's happenin' here, what it is ain't exactly clear." I have been chronically suicidal with anxiety, insomnia and panic for about twenty years--yes, that's 20 years--and I have tried countless meds. How I made it this far I really don't know. My poor wife has often asked me what keeps me going. I guess I must have a strong will to live! For many years I was on the anti-psychotic Zyprexa, but recently quit because of the constant malaise. In the past couple of days I have caught fleeting glimpses--just glimpses mind you--of what it means to be truly alive. I hope the improvement continues, but I am definitely not counting my chickens yet. Anyways, I realised long ago that there is some major upset in my brain that no amount of meditation or CBT can fix. Zyprexa was definitely a good rescue med, but I stayed on it way too long as it never put a song in my heart. (Before my big nervous breakdown I used to sing all the time.) As I mentioned, I am keeping my fingers crossed about the trimipramine, and I am hoping it is not as carcinogenic as some suggest. Particularly reassuring are the words of psycho-babble's own Larry Hoover, who must have one of the most piercing intellects of any human alive today:
> "I am trained in environmental toxicology. I think I have the background and experience to offer some guidance, here. I hope you also believe that.
> The increased risk associated with these drugs is absolutely trivial. It is tiny. Hardly worth a mention. I do not consider it sufficient to change medical treatment in *any* respect, save trying those drugs with this risk last. Not excluding them from use. Why use them first, when choosing a drug is a crapshoot anyway? That's all that I would do differently.
> The genotoxic effect of broccoli is far far stronger than what is described here. You heard me right.
> There are things to worry about in life. And things to not worry about. I, Larry Hoover, place this issue in the second category.
> Lar"
> Here is the link:
> I just thought this opinion from an expert in the field is worth repeating. Go to the thread and read all the posts carefully if you wish to understand the issue in greater detail. Peace and love to all who suffer from horrible mental afflictions.


I don't have a med answer for your question but I wanted you to know that you're not only with having struggled for 20 years. I too having been dealing with severe problems since the early nineties, the last 10-12 years of which were particularly harrowing. I also have significant problems with extreme sensitivty to going on and off meds. Anyway, I wish you the absolute best of luck.





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