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My experience with tianeptine (Stablon)

Posted by kavinsky99 on March 24, 2014, at 20:18:08

Decided to give this a try. My current cocktail is:

600mg lithium
2g fish oil
600mg tyrosine
500mg inositol like two days a week
400mg to 600mg Magnesium citrate
30mg zinc
1g calcium
25mg tianeptine

Everything else works good and as expected, however, tianeptine has been a weird experience for me.
During the first days, in which I took only 3mg (cut the pill in 4), I felt as normal as I haven't been in years. No antidepressant effect, but more like a very strong mood stabilizer and anxiolytic with NO side effects. Then I increased the dosage, and got stuck in 25mg (2 pills) a day initially due to the strong constipation it was causing. Then, I noticed I was getting VERY sad. Like, abnormally sad. I have depression, but more of the anxiety/stress/anger and subsequent fatigue style. Never actually experience feelings of sadness and low >mental< motivation.

However, I noticed sometimes tianeptine will make me very sad, other times it will make me very relaxed in a good way. Other times, specially when I don't time the dosages well and take the two pills in under 3 hours, I notice is gives quite a boost - like a dopamine surge -.
I get very strong sexual desire/quick orgasms, faster heartbeat, quicker thinking, more attention/learning capacity, sometimes very strong PHYSICAL anxiety with no mental effect: think all the symptoms of a panic attack: clammy hands, numb arms/fingers, racing heart, dry mouth, pain in back/neck/chest due ot muscle rigidty, etc., and sometimes the nervous stutter - but no racing thoughts, no fear feelings... nothing on the mind, just body. And I'm capable of feeling REALLY good for no good reason when this happens (intercalating with anxiety).

But what bothers me, is the awful SADNESS accompanied of my usual bad memories that keep popping in my head. And also no motivation. It feels truly awful. Is this "real" depression? Is tianeptine paradoxically causing depression? I know im' not at the recommended dosage, but frankly I'm scared. It makes me too spacey, sad and outright irrational, I'm afraid of what I might do. I also seem to distance myself from my life and things too much, keep feeling like I need "to rest" and nothing really matters much (not in a depressed-dramatic way, but rather a comfortable I'll-just-lay-down-and-float-away-from-everything). This scares me, as it changes my willing mind, unlike any med.

Anyways, this is, in my opinion, a good medication. Low side effect profile compared to any other AD i've tried (most SRRIs, bupropion, Effexor, mirtazapine), fantastic anxiolytic effect (no sedation per se, though sometimes it causes spaceyness. Also, no memory impairment, which was the reason I stopped benzos), good mood stabilization (I feel balanced out: capable of a full range of emotions - unlike most psychiatric medications, that seem like an on/off switch for an specific way of feeling/functiining) and the has the possibility to recover from stress induced damage to my brain, finally regulating the brain thingies that control anxiety and giving back my cognition.

In lower doses it was good, don't know if I'll get the same effect. I might try taking 3mg in the morning, 3mg in the afternoon and 3mg at night. Or do you think I should increase to the recommended dosage of 3 pills a day (37,5mg) to see what happens?

Any input would be great.




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