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Need new medication advice, just ideas

Posted by LostBoyinNC45 on March 13, 2014, at 16:22:09

My sleep apnea treatment has fallen apart in the last year after I had my tonsils removed last Spring. And Ive sort of gotten the sleep apnea situation straightened out very recently with the issuing of a Resmed autoVPAP (Bipap instead of CPAP or APAP), but only partially. I am thinking I probably need a re-titration sleep study. Im very fatigued and finding myself depressed again and like I said, VERY TIRED. Ive also slipped back into being real withdrawn socially. I go out and stuff, I can talk to people but Im so friggen tired I dont feel much like socially interacting with people.

Also, I have had a resurgence of "brain fog" since my CPAP treatment has fallen thru. Memory problems, jumping from thought to thought, rambling when I talk, etc.

My shrink has increased my SSRI from 50 mg zoloft to 100 mg zoloft and given me permission to increase 150 mg zoloft but SSRIs never worked good for me before CPAP and they dont work good now, either. SSRIs just sort of keep me afloat sort of. Thats all.

Im also on 4 mg klonopin, which is a lot I know. I take it all at bedtime. I have gradually come to where I cant get off the stuff because when I go off it, I feel like Im going to have a friggen stroke or something. Thats the best way I can describe it.

I was a lot better before the tonsillectomy last Spring, did not have the unGodly fatigue and mood drop I have now...which is pretty close if not identical to what I used to experience regularly before CPAP in 2007.

Of all the anti-depressants Ive ever taken in years past, the ONLY one that ever worked decent was the MAOI Parnate. But that drug is so tricky with the MAOI diet...I had trouble with Parnate and the diet. Im assuming the lowest EMSAM patch dose would be similar to 30 mg Parnate? I used to take Parnate 10 mg three times per day and that was pretty effective for mood.

I think I could get off the klonopin completely if I went back on Parnate, because the orthostatic hypotension side effect makes it a lot easier to taper off klonopin...the MAOI side effect helps to keep my BP pushed down until my system readjusts to the decrease in klonopin.

But other than going back on Parnate for a while, until I can get a new sleep study and a new pressure on a Bilevel device, are there any other drugs I could take that would help me become normal? Anything I could take to help with mild confusion, rambling, social withdrawal, feeling "sleep drunk?" Sometimes when I dont get enough time on my current APAP I literally feel so tired during the day its like Im mildly delirious. Just like I can barely lift my head up or something.

I drink a lot of caffeine to deal with the fatigue and some days take an extra zoloft (150 mg). I force myself to work out some and that helps with the fatigue as well, it gives me some energy and I sleep better when I am worked out hard.

Anything I could take to help with things like rambling speech? Jumping from topic to topic because I have a bad memory and am so tired? Mild confusion and maybe even some mild incoherence? Dementia type problems, worse when I dont get good sleep from CPAP. I dont make much eye contact with people, just too tired to look people in the eye, just dont feel like I want to interact with others much. I have dark rings under my eyes right now that mostly goes away when my CPAP pressures are titrated right. What about a drug for loss of focus, just not giving a sh*t?


Eric AKA "LostBoyinNC"




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