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Re: Phidippus. - I see. My apologies.

Posted by phidippus on March 11, 2014, at 11:49:05

In reply to Re: Phidippus. - I see. My apologies. phidippus, posted by SLS on March 10, 2014, at 23:54:55


> My childhood sucked. It was full of parental physical and emotional abuse - that is, when I wasn't being totally neglected.

Has borderline personality disorder ever been discussed as a possible diagnosis for you?

My childhood sucked because of peer abuse and neglect. I had trouble socially well into highschool

>I have been depressed since age 10.

I had mood and behavior issues beginning as early as age 5. In my teens I struggled with depression and impulsive behavior.

>The most severe depression began at age 17

My most severe depressive episode occured in 1999 when I had my first mixed bipolar episode. The depression was acute, had psychotic features, including cotard syndrome (I thought I was dead). On top of the bipolar symptoms I had severe OCD symptoms-persistent thoughts of harming others.

What was your depression like at age 17?

>The symptomatology of my depression is most similar to bipolar depression.

What's strange is that I get my mania, ADHD and OCD under control and all I'm left with is a gnawing depression, which I am only now trying to treat. I feel sad and empty. I feel hopeless. I feel this anxiety like everyrthing is wrong. I feel guilty that I haven't become more successful. I lose interest in things that usually bring me joy. I have difficulty concentrating. I sleep too much or too little. I eat less. I have thoughts of hurting myself.

> Parnate 100 mg/day

I wonder if the Parnate is adequate.

> nortriptyline 150 mg/day

I wonder if you'd have a more robust response to Atomoxetine, which also happens to be an NMDA antagonist.

> Lamictal 200 mg/day
> lithium 450 mg/day

What's the point of 450 mg of Lithium? You're probably reaping more side effects than benefits. Why not double the Lamictal and drop the Lithium or vice versa?

> prazosin 25 mg/day

(in theory) raises dopamine (DA) levels in the synaptic cleft in the prefrontal cortex and inhibiting extracellular DA concentrations in the nucleus accumbens

How is this helpful to you?

> minocycline 200 mg/day

What does this do?

> Abilify 10 mg/day

Why not Geodon instead? Geodon has a far more sophisticated mechanism of action.

> This regime is tweaked in that each drug has demonstrated its value by attempting its discontinuation.

How odd. I take medication based on whether it makes me feel better or not, not because I feel worse because I stop taking it.

> Dosages have been optimized by careful titration. Dosages have been pushed and reduced as necessary.

I push my medications to the highest dose then reduce to taste.

Have you tried Rilutek?

>I was never to respond robustly to treatment again.

I think you're on too many drugs. There's gotta be a way to simplify your regimen. I find if I take too many meds, sh*t just gets muddy upstairs.

Why not try Parnate and Desipramine again?





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