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Lou's response-yngahthrt AlexCanada

Posted by Lou Pilder on October 24, 2012, at 18:57:52

In reply to Lou destroying people's lives! Why is it allowed? Dinah, posted by AlexCanada on October 24, 2012, at 18:52:41

> Lou is encouraging people to not take their medication and constantly being uncivil and making disgusting offensive comments.
> How on earth is he not banned from this forum? This board continues to dwindle in membership with less active posters than years ago and the moderators need to get a clue as to why this is happening. It's because of double standard anti-med agenda pushers who are dismantling this place one day at a time.
> I personally am sickened to even go on this board hardly anymore because every day I see anti-med jargon and fairy tales from this unethical person whom calls me a flat out liar while calling others anti-semites just so he can continue on his ill-informed anti-drug agenda.
> Not everyone needs medication but there has to be a realization that some issues do require it for the individuals own good. That is why there is a difference between Depression and Clinical Depression. One is more mild than the other. And one requires medical assistance.
> My life was in torment before medication. If I took Lou's advice I'd be dead. So yes I will be very damn offended by his disgusting comments.
> We need to stand up against this. This is more than just how he may effect me or you. This is about how he effects the entire board and the hundreds of lurkers who browse for information because they are looking for genuine help. Lou's actions cause some people to question if medications are necessary. Some of these people are going through such hardships where it may be difficult to think clearly. I used to be at a point where everything looked so dark, grim, negative that it was extremely difficult to see the world through anything but the negative lens. When this occurs it is easy to think that ''nothing'' will help. This can lead certain individuals to commit suicide. When you destroy the notion of hope you destory lives. When people give up on believing that medication can help for their severe disorders then lives are lost.
> Lou is directly being responsible for causing tremendous harm to countless individuals. This should Not be tolerated under any circumstance!
> > You constantly indirectly refer to people on this board as antisemites (even if they happen to be Jewish), you accuse them of being one step away of committing antisemitic violence if they take a prozac, you call them pill pushers, you accuse them of killing other people by suggesting medications, and now you're calling them liars. Indirect it may be, but it's still uncivil.
> >
> > You think we can't see through your multiple choice questions to the accusations contained within?
> >
> > And we're supposed to cut you slack because of who you are? I'm sick of it Lou. Sick of it. Every indirect accusation that comes out of your mouth will now be challenged by me.
> A_C,
What are the {fairy tales}?




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