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Posted by Prefect on September 1, 2012, at 11:47:53

Hi, I'm new here and would appreciate some input on my situation.

15 years ago - Doctor put me on 25mg Luvox for somatic symptoms, dizziness, etc.

7 years ago - Developed severe agoraphobia & anxiety, basically homebound for a few months, only went to work. I toughed it out, forced myself to get out and develope coping skills, BUT ALSO dosed up my Luvox to 50mg (no doctor input), and it worked. Last 7 years I was very high functioning, very successful in my career, got married, bought a house, travelled to other countries, etc. Only anxious during air travel and in tall buildings.

6 Months ago - Started wondering if my amazing success has been because of me, my coping skills, and my handle on this disease, or the Luvox. I began thinking 50 mg of Luvox after so many years couldn't possibly be why I'd been doing so well, especially at such a small dosage...My body must have surely developed tolerance to it and I waas just taking a useless pill that would trigger discontinuation syndrome if I was stuck in an island somewhere and suddenly didn't have access to it. I also began wondering what taking Luvox indefinitely would do...

So I began tapering. VERY CAREFULLY...I took 6 months to go from 50 mg to 37.5 mg, by taking full pill somedays of the week and 3/4 other days, untill 3 weeks ago I hit 37.5 mg for everyday of the week.

2 weeks ago it came back...Now I have agoraphobia and anxiety. REALLY?!! I have relapsed from going from 50 to 37.5?!! Is it possible my entire success & high functioning persona was just a byproduct of this 12.5 mg of Luvox I dropped down?! All those coping skills I thought I had developed were just this 12.5 mg of Luvox?! It can't be...I didn't even think 50mg of Luvox was a high enough dose to treat this.

My question: Is this a relapse or discontinuation syndrome? I have no bizzare symptoms (brain zap, etc) indicative of discontinuation. I'm just back to where I was 7 years ago. And if it is a relapse, does this mean I'll have to be on Luvox for life?! Is it usual and safe to be on an SSRI for life for a condition like this?

I'm sorry for the lenght of this post, but I find this outcome very baffling.

Thank you all psycho-babblers for any help you can give me.




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