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Re: Supplements

Posted by Tomatheus on August 11, 2012, at 20:16:38

In reply to Supplements, posted by jono_in_adelaide on August 11, 2012, at 18:58:55

Here is a rundown of the supplements that I take:

folic acid, 800 mcg/day - I discovered that this supplement helps to a degree with the anxiety that seems to accompany my psychosis and cognitive impairment, so I take it daily.

coenzyme q10, 60 mg/day - Despite the fact that this supplement actually seemed to worsen my depressive symptoms when I took it prior to going on Abilify, it somehow seems to keep my depressive symptoms at a more even level from day to day now that I'm taking it with Abilify.

Korean ginseng, 535 mg/day - Each Korean ginseng capsule that I take daily is guaranteed to contain 26 mg of ginsenosides, which would account for 5 percent of the contents of each capsule. I find Korean ginseng to be mildly stimulating.

DHA, 100 mg/day - I find that taking DHA offers me mild antidepressant benefits. An attempt at discontinuing the supplement led to what seemed to be a worsening of depressive symptoms, so I continue to take it.

hydroxycobolamine vitamin B12, 25 mcg/day - I noticed a significant reduction in the severity of my depressive symptoms after I started this supplement, but the initial relief that I experienced on the supplement seems to have faded. I am uncertain as to whether or not I'm still benefiting from the hydroxycobolamine that I'm taking and may consider discontinuing it soon.

sublingual oxytocin, 3.33 IU/day - Today is my third day taking a sublingual form of oxytocin, so I may be experiencing some initial benefits that might fade, but so far, I've been noticing significant improvements in some of my depressive symptoms (especially my concentration) since I began this supplement. My energy, psychomotor speed, and enjoyment are all improved to a degree, and my hypersomnia seems to be a little less severe than usual since I began taking oxytocin. Time will tell how it will affect me in the long run.

That seems to cover it. I should also add that I've taken multivitamins in the past, mostly without problems, but that the last time I tried a Centrum I noticed a worsening in what I would describe as pseudohallucinations, which are basically really quiet auditory voice hallucinations. Maybe I would benefit from a more basic multivitamin, if there is one.


Dx: schizoaffective disorder

Treatments: Abilify, 6 supplements, & counseling




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