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Lou's reply-gudphoardhakhamewniddyazahol?

Posted by Lou Pilder on July 18, 2012, at 18:46:31

In reply to Lou's reply-ghamblurzruwin, posted by Lou Pilder on July 18, 2012, at 17:48:24

> > > I would be happy if you could speak with my doctor through the telephone or e-mail.
> > > You can send me an e-mail to in order to contact me.
> > >
> > > Thanks alot,
> > > Andrew
> >
> > Andrew,
> > I would like for you to have an understanding of what the drug Zyprexa is. Is it a new drug or just a new name for an off-shoot of an old drug? And what are the chemical constituants that make up the drug?
> > You see, I am prohibited by Mr. Hsiung from posting a lot concerning the development of mind-altering drugs. You could look up,[Lou, riot control gas] (Actuallly, it is not a gas , but looks as such).
> > Lou
> Andrew,
> Before I attempt to offer your prescriber of the drugs that you take an opportunity to learn from me, I would like for you to understand the potential consequences to someone with taking Zyprexa. Now I can compute that probability of getting a major life-ruining condition or death as a result of taking Zyprexa. Here is a way for you to see the chamnces of getting these from Zyprexa. To see this,
> A. Pull up Google
> B. Type in:
> [could Zyprexa cause, ehealthme]
> Now there will be pages of the different life-ruining conditions that one could get from taking Zyprexa. Be advised, that there is a set of people, myself included, that think that there are 100 times the reported cases. So if 265 people are listed as reported to have whatever, we think that the true number is 26500 cases because not all cases are reported.
> Lou

Now here is another link concerning the relation between Zyprexa and death, statistically, that is.
Now you could see members here posting about how they take zyprexa, but do you really want to take the risk of death that goes along with taking zyprexa? And remember, what credibility could you give to someone's posting that they take zyprexa and have not died yet? Could they not die tomorrow? You see, it is generally agreed that about 42,000 people died just last year from psychiatric druggin'. This could mean that millions of people could die from these drugs going forward if the number of people that take these drugs is increased. And with the advertising done by the drug manufactureres and the potential for doctors having financial ties to them, could not the next year bring 52,000 deaths and then 62,000 deaths nd then 100,000 deaths per year? There is an arithmetic proof that I could post here to show you this using arithmetic and geometric progresssions and sequences. But this is not a math forum...
Now I ask you, if this community allows people to tell others to take a drug that could kill them, is that supportive?




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