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Re: Dialogue with Lucifer

Posted by rjlockhart04-08 on June 5, 2012, at 23:22:39

In reply to Re: Dialogue with Lucifer, posted by bleauberry on June 5, 2012, at 12:46:43

Thanks for the really means something to me when people at least take considertion...and know that they care about me.. Right normal, and bit sad like usally...not think that theirs any spiritual messages trying to manifest. I read some of this I post, its ... I don't I'm aware this will be on the net for people to read in the next 10 - 20 years depening if babble will be around that long...i've read posts that are from 1999 and got useful info when no one knew how to awnser my posts...about usally medication side effects, its enjoyable to read past posters and their posted lives and their insight, and humor.

But anyways, But I do realize this is vary dirty way...i should be having a presciption to have it everyday, but their where complications that altered that from happening, alot of it was from my parents saying I abused this repeately when I am given a chance to do it...which i gotta say is true. But I'm trying to get to a point of perfect mental clarity that it provides, I do know if you keep bumping up the will cause anxiety, paranoia, and basically burning out the dopamine in your brain. It usally takes about a decade to cause major damage of repeated use....i've only done this off and on, not daily. My previous medications Dexedrine was less potent, and just gave me alterness, and vigilance and would have fast thinking. Dexedrine never really made me delusional unless taken above 80-100mg at once...and it only lasts for about 3-5 hours...methamp lasts about 8...

this character that relates to him, which really I should just conclued that this imagination but when I have higher dopamine levels...things change, my thinking changes, realize things I don't do normally, bizarre, will start doing things that have no association with the real world...but its usally through telepathy that he knows what I am thinking....and can interput a thought with his input, and he knows when I'm in distress and will sometimes comfort me, or tell me that I'm baby and need to deal my choices and feelings, he usally does not show alot of mercy...i've noticed, and i've begged him to relieve of the sickness that temporarly came, i had alot of phym[stuff in your throught] that just showed up, vary dark green...and I thought it was from smoking because I do smoke...but nothing like this, bronicitis?? or something I think it was and after I asked ... or more like begged him...i left, it was this tingling feeling that started and went down to my feet and after that was relief. I know this is not the place to really post about spritual sutff, espcially about who I'm talking about...but the reaason is his force can infict mental illness that has no explaination and the medical files need to document this...whatever university or medical school that reads these posts needs to at least put that as one of the many causes. He's a manipuator...he will do sick things to people, infect them with illness and leave them for dead. I don't know why I have this intrest in him....the only reason I started was he was a figure that challanged God's order, but he fell....He was created, not existed before time. Michael is the oldest...Lucifer is younger...Ill have to looks this up and study about it. Anyways, I think im rambling a little much...

thank you blue...


I am not a scholar but I do understand distress.
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