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Link, Phillipa, Sleep

Posted by rjlockhart04-08 on June 3, 2012, at 18:20:55

In reply to Re: Dialogue with Lucifer rjlockhart04-08, posted by sleepygirl2 on June 3, 2012, at 11:50:59

Ok.....I realized I posted this later today and I have to say during the day my dopamine levels are low, im usally night they increase around 11-12am until I go to sleep. I've read stuff I would not post myself, its usally at night, i've done this in the past here much. Neither way....i posted this because It needed to be heard and its not a waste of time, even thought it may clearly appear as if its b*llsh*t. When dopamine levels are higher, I usally look beyound this reality and will study for a long period of time, have vary abstract thinking no knows I think. My family....i would never tell them this sounds too off, like im crazy or just doing something to get a thrill from it which that condition is a disorder...hysteria personality disorder, one place I went to sign myself in....they told me I had this...and that all my thoughts where nonsense, and gave nothing much sh*t for medications, its like using a small bandade for a infection that is spreading, they are nothing psych docs that use dirt for the foundation of concrete.

Now...I know this sounds vary awkward because this is in the wrong place to be posted, it belongs on spiritual forms but wanted to at least post what my mind has been occupied with. I am not crazy, I do have mental conditions that prevent me from doing some easy tasks, and have been labeled an idiot by disorder that refer to that term. You know the real quack is the doctor that refuses to understand or treat, its like calling a flower a weed....or a weed a flower, their nothing but idiots that use intellicuization for their false diagnosis. How do I know? because they will say go to rehab or psych hospital that does the same sh*t over again and will have no effect exept being forced to go. The best way you can get yourself out these when people say your crazy .... you follow along and act like your getting better, even thought inside nothing is changing because they refuse to understand the problem, you intelliculize with them and keep doing it, its like being at a christain summer camp where your forced to can't argue your rights with these counselors that happy go lucky, they will say the most annoying motivational quotes, sing kumbeya, and will make you draw happy stuff....just follow along with it....until they let you can even skip out to the bus, do some drama and acting, and then once your out of there, you'll be relieved. that how it works, in my case....

So anyways, but I do understand its 6:14 right now, my mind is in reality, im not think about some of the stuff I posted that sounds vary attention, or the catory of insanity. But when I have higher dopamine levels, I realize alot of things that I would never understand in normal thinking. Delusions are created when this happens, your thoughts control your reality more than reality controlling your thoughts. That's all I have to say, thank you vary much for reading...


I am not a scholar but I do understand distress.
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