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Lou's request-TD can be permanent Christ_empowered

Posted by Lou Pilder on June 2, 2012, at 4:34:54

In reply to Re:TD DOES go away, posted by Christ_empowered on June 1, 2012, at 18:43:42

> yeah...TD isn't always a life long deal. The same antioxidant uber-cocktail I take to tackle my crazy and prevent TD has been used (at least, some parts of it) to help treat TD. From what I've read, vitamin E therapy in particular can be helpful if used in high doses and also in cases of 5 years or less durtation. The problem, of course, is that by the time TD pops up, you may have had TD that was masked by the neuroleptic for a while. Also, long-standing TD is associated with reduced cognitive performance, so its more than a bit troubling for us neuroleptic patients out there.
> What I hate about psychiatrists' approach to TD is that it seems to be one of either disregard or concern for legal fall out. I've had maybe one psychiatrist (public health) who said she'd do AIMS tests and work out a long-term treatment plan if I showed early signs of TD. Everybody else acts like its the 60s again (TD?!? Not with these miracle wonder drugs! Nooooooo, never!) OR they just make you sign waivers.

You wrote,[...TD isn't always a life long help treat TD...make you sign waivers...].
I am unsure as to what you are wanting to mean here. If you could post answers to the following, then I could have the opportunity to respond accordingly.
A. If TD is not always a life long deal, then there are three classes of people with TD, one that lasts for life and the other class that it goes away and another class of people that the TD is just lessened?
B. If in the class that goes away,if there is such a class of people, does it go away completly or is there just some lessening of the TD by the use of vitamine E and what else you listed?
C. In the class of people that TD is lessened, if there is such a class, how much lessening is there?
D. Do you know how the drugs associated with TD cause the condition?
E. Are you aware of the prohibitions to me here by Mr. Hsiung that prevent me from posting educational material that I think could save lives and prevent people from getting a life-ruining condition such as TD that does not go away?
F. If not, could you go to the admin board and read the outstanding requests from me to Mr. Hsiung? If you could, I think that you could have a better understanding of the limitations placed upon me here by Mr. Hsiung so that my responses posted here, or lack of them, could be better understood.




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