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Re: 'Pulsing' Wellbutrin Dose

Posted by Chtorr281 on September 27, 2011, at 19:21:29

In reply to Re: 'Pulsing' Wellbutrin Dose, posted by dragonblack on September 27, 2011, at 16:21:53

> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > I can't speak directly to your question regarding pulsing Wellbutrin, but I too struggle with it pooping out and it's the only thing that "sorta" works for me. I take the XL version, 300 mg, and I am looking into switching to the SR. I would be doing this for a number of reasons, but one of the main attractions to me is opening up dosage options not available on the XL. It frustrates me that 150, 300, and 450 are the
> >
> >
> > only possible doses, like 100% or 50% increase (or decrease) of dosage might be just the micro-change I need. For me, 300 isn't enough, but 450 is too much, and the sides outweigh the benefits. On the SR, you have the option of
> > 200, 250, 350, and 400 opened up. Granted, 2 of these require you to take 2 different strength pills, but I've searched
> > the boards and there are plenty of people who have taken
> > unusual doses of Wellbutrin. So, maybe you could
> > experiment with several of these atypical doses, and see if
> > these 150 mg jumps and dips they force us to make might be
> > part of the problem. Just a thought. Good luck!
> >
> >
> >
> > Just a thought but you can use a pill splitter to cut the SR in half and it still releases slowly. So it would be possible to fine tune the dose even further.
> > >
> > > db
> >
> >
> Interesting. I've never heard of splitting the SR's, though I have heard of splitting the XL's. Some do it to try to turn it into an IR, but apparently the coating on the XL is a self-healing polymer, like that dude from Terminator 2, so if you split it you get some instant release but then it reverts to being XL. Pretty weird, yet cool.

Some more info about dosage "pulsing" that I didn't mention. The first time I decided to try a different dosage strategy than taking the same dose every day (since I know from long experience that that doesn't work for me) I stopped taking Wellbutrin for 3 days in order to reset myself. This is after being on 150mg a day for a long time (300mg being worse as far as side effects and effectiveness). By the 3rd morning of not taking it, I was feeling fantastic, even better than I felt during my original 4th or 5th week on it which when it was at its best. I resumed taking it the next day and have tried "pulsing" it since then.

So it apparently lowers something essential while doing its job. And that essential something seems to recover while being off the drug. Strange that I would feel almost hypomanic after *not* taking it for a few days.

Also, I wanted to mention again that the day after I take a higher dose I feel better, but not on that particular day if the high dose. On the days I feel it working I feel great. I seem to get about 4 very good days per week, 1 fair day, and 2 rather poor days. I think this is the best I can do which is a clear improvement for me over just taking the same dose day after day and feeling emotionally flat and irritable. Like most Tuesdays on this current schedule, i feel very good. My wife and family have been shocked at how much better Wellbutrin has made me, but I know for a fact that the only way I am able to keep it working is with this method.

Whether this would have worked with other ADs I just don't know.

For anyone who has stopped responding to it, I would be fascinated to see if this would work for them. Clearly something in my brain is recovering by stopping and/or lowering the dose. With continuous same dosage that recovery never takes place and I no longer get an antidepressant response.




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