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B12 mystery-large amts get rid of ocd + anxiety?!

Posted by Smithy123 on February 10, 2011, at 16:23:33

My conditions: I have always suffered from ADD and mild symptoms of OCD and anxiety. I would have strange feelings to need to do something to make it "Just right" or if I don't do X, then Y will happen. I've also always been a perfectionist especially since I would make a lot of mistakes from my lack of attention. This all creates a lot of constant anxiety for no apparent reason. This and the fact that I have a hard time paying attention results in my having little interest in socializing.

I found out last July my b12 was slightly low via a blood test. I began getting b12 shots weekly back in July 2010 as well as taking b complex. After about 2-3 weeks or so of starting the shots and vitamin I noticed almost all of my typical induced-by-nothing type anxiety from obsessive symptoms and such had vanished! I could just DO things. No procrastinating. I felt in control and relaxed with who I was. I felt much more social. This feeling slowly decreased as it grew closer to 1 week since my last b12 shot. Then I would get another b12 shot and within 2-3 days I was back to feeling relaxed and ocd symptoms gone entirely! This went on for about 3 weeks or so. I think at some point I discontinued the b complex because I had figured it was the shots that were doing it.

After 3 weeks of this on and off lack of anxiety, things seemed to slowly return until b12 shots seemed to have no effect on my anxiety/ocd symptoms/perfectionism! I still continued my b12 shots but they seemed to do nothing!

Recently I started taking 4x3000mcg high absorption b12 pills per day and my anxiety/ocd syptoms greatly decreased- though not as much as I experience back in July 2010 with the b12 shots. I had also done this same thing-taking 4x3000mcg/day b12 in December 2010 with the same effects-reduction in anxiety though not as much as in July 2010. The reason I stopped in December was because my doctor wanted me to start abilify and with the b12 helping my anxiety it would be difficult to determine if abilify was helping.

Other notes: I have been taking 1000mg of omega 3/day (2:1 ratio DHA:EPA). I got my vitamin D checked and it was quite low. I have been prescribed 20,000 iu of D which I've been taking for a few months now. I haven't noticed any change in how I feel. I got my b12 checked a few months ago when the b12 shots were not helping my anxiety and I found out it was more than high enough.

What is going on here? I don't understand. I have taken loads of medications but b12 is the only thing that has done anything significant.




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