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Crazy meds IS crazy

Posted by Maxime on September 19, 2010, at 23:06:07

Sometimes I post on Crazy Meds, not often though. I posted a question about how the dexedring was making me tired and this I got this nasty post from a moderator.

They think I am a drug junky or something like that!

And I know you are going to think that I am stupid, but the post below actually made me cry. I think because it made me so angry.

Overwhelming tiredness is completely normal for someone who is not ADD and should not be being prescribed stimulants in the first place.

In your other thread, you said you were being prescribed stimulants "for depression". Let's take a look at your meds:

Dx'd with Bipolar depression & Anorexia (restricting subtype)

Current meds:

Parnate 100 mg
Nortriptyline 75 mg
Adderall XR 30 mg
Trileptal 600 mg
Klonopin .5 mg

I'll go through them one by one.

Parnate: an anti-depressant with a usual dose of 30 mg per day, but a max daily dosage of 60 mg (you're on 100 mg), that is absolutely contraindicated for use with -
--- Nortriptyline (or any dibenzazepine-related entities or tricyclic antidepressants)
--- Carbamazepine (that would be that Trileptal you're taking)
--- Sympathomimetics (that would be ANY of the amphetamines you have been taking)
--- A whole bunch of different foods that your doctor should have told you about

Nortriptyline: a tricyclic anti-depressant which falls into the dibenzazepine class and the sympathomimetics class.

Adderall XR: an amphetamine of the sympathomimetics class with a recommended dose of 25 mg per day of which you are taking 30 mg day.

Trileptal: an anti-convulsant used as a mood-stabilizer, but contraindicated in use with Parnate.

Klonopin: a benzodiazepine approved/utilized for seizure disorders, anxiety disorders, and the manic side of bipolar. It is not Rx'd for people sitting in the depressive end of bipolar as it simply makes them more depressed.

Ok, now that we have the fact that every single med you are on, save the Klonopin, is in complete contradiction with one another, we need to look at two things: who is trying to kill you, and why.

If you have one doctor who is prescribing these medications, they are simply incompetent, and should be reported to the authorities for gross negligence. If you have multiple doctors, they should all be reported for not looking at your meds list. You are showing them your meds list, right?

If it is you that is responsible for making sure you obtain these medications, in whatever way possible, you are in need of therapy far more than you are in need of a place like CrazyMeds. Please do not ask any more questions along this vein. Your data does not add up, and we have an extremely low tolerance for such things.



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