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Re: nothing helps morganator

Posted by SLS on April 23, 2010, at 9:00:46

In reply to Re: nothing helps, posted by morganator on April 22, 2010, at 20:46:48

> Also, I am speaking more of people finding a way to love themselves more, maintain and create positive relationships, the pursuit of things that one is passionate about, etc.

So, are you saying that every person who reports depression lacks these qualities and fails to experience these things?

You describe the evolution of major depression as being multifactorial. Do you believe that there are interindividual differences in the construction of depression, or is depression the result of an unvarying recipe of contributing components?

> And like I said, life is pretty damn depressing if you ask me.

I don't find life to be depressing.

> Maybe many of us very sensitive people are more prone to depression as we find it hard to protect ourselves from the ugly sides of life.

No doubt. However, I venture to guess that there are people who find it hard to protect themselves from such ugliness who never experience major depressive disorder or bipolar disorder. What would render one incapable of this protection? Would depressive biology be a necessary element? Is it possible to be depressed without having having a biological vulnerability? Is it possible to be depressed without having a psychological vulnerability?

> >How is it that two weeks of Prozac treatment can transform a life after two decades of failed psychotherapy?

> ...I think for a large number of people out there that experience this kind of remission with antidepressants, there are still underlying psychological issues that simply need to be addressed.

What makes you say this?

> Unfortunately, sometimes many people feel so good that they end up believing that they do not have any issues and in the long run relationships and other aspects of their life may suffer.

So, again, you believe that all people who have an affective disorder are, and have been, a psychological mess?

> Denial is the single greatest and most powerful coping mechanism we have in our arsenal.

Could you be denying that you walk among people with affective disorders who are not like you?

> It helps to shield us from the pain and sadness deep seated in our psyche, and, prevents us from doing anything about it.

"Us"? Did you mean "you"?

I believe that some people who have unhealthy brains have healthy minds just waiting for a biological opportunity to flourish. Remember, some people with depression spend years in psychotherapy before they encounter a successful somatic treatment. I find it hard to believe that none of these peole have ever successfully addressed their "issues" prior to their biologically-induced remission.

As an aside, I find the overuse of the word "issues" to be very unpalatable. Why must we all have them? We don't. Or perhaps I am in denial.


A sizeable percentage of women suffer depression invariably premenstrually. I guess they all must have issues?

You don't know me and I don't know you. I think we should entertain the possibility that there be a spectrum of constructions of depression such that we not lump us all into one basket. How damaging it must be for people to be told they have issues to work on when they really don't.

- Scott

The measure of achievement lies not in how high the mountain,
but in how hard the climb.

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