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Re: sneezing, cough

Posted by Elroy on January 15, 2010, at 14:47:34

In reply to Re: sneezing, cough tea, posted by casse on January 14, 2010, at 21:09:00

> I am happy to find people who are willing to openly discuss what appear to be side effects of LDN here as well. I have been banned from one LDN forum because I raised questions about the efficacy of LDN for depression and anxiety. At the time of my posting on that particular forum, almost everyone who posted was raving about how they felt relief of depression symptoms on LDN. I don't doubt those people, or their perception of how LDn made them feel, but I questioned whether LDn would effect everyone in such a positive way. My contributions were met with hostility. As if I were a threat. It was almost like a religious fanaticism. Either I was 100% for or 100% against.
> And the sad thing is that nobody could offer any intelligent response. First my postings were banned. Then, when other members who had privately contacted me with similar experiences tried to post questions I raised privately, I was even prevented from reading posts. Effectively banned. And it's not as though I was doubting the value of LDN. I still believe it is a very valuable treatment option, and I still use it. I just hoped someone would know more than I did and offer an intelligent and thoughtful response to my questions. Don't let the pseudo intellectual responses of some deter you from trying this therapy. I believe thousands have experienced relief in using it. Just be open minded and willing to experiment with dosage.

I think you have it backwards.

You have NEVER posted any links that show any evidentiary proof to your claims (only your own personal anecdotal comments).

Numerous links HAVE been posted by LDN advocates (who - like myself - admit that LND is NOT the "God-Sent Miracle" that cures all)...

Specifically, I have never read anywhere that LDN is a effective remedy for any type of anxiety or depression disorde of a psychological natgure (obviously if you are depressed because your MS is worsening and LDN stops the progression and then overe a period of a few weeks puts you into long term remission and starts revesing the MS, well, I just bet that would work wonders on your Depression! But... NOT for Depression or Anxiety or PTSD, etc., etc that is of a psychological disorder! And that has repeatedly been repeated!!! If that is what you are taking it for, take it in doses of 0.025 mg... or doses of 5.0 mg... in either case, it isn't going to aid your psychological problem... And (not at the lower doses, those below 1.5 mg) at the doses above 1.5 mg, it might very well cause some degree of depression simply because you have NORMAL levels of Endorphins already and you are shutting them down for several hours... and then when the mechanism kicks back in, it is simply taking your Endorphin levels back to normal, maybe even high normal, but the Endorphin issue was never YOUR problem to start with... It is like taking aspirin for your depression or anxiety. Aspirin's operating process is NOT designed for that purpose and clearly LDN is not designed for your disorder (and any temporary minor "relief" that you may have felt at one time or the other on sub-par dosage levels can only be explained away by the Placebo Effect).

In fact, I have indicated numerous times that for MOST disorders and diseases that exist that LDN will have NO effect on those thousands of other disorders and diseases.

You say: "I have been banned from one LDN forum because I raised questions about the efficacy of LDN for depression and anxiety... "

That is very interesting as I have never seen on ANY main LDN organization site, LDN research paper or LDN clinical study where ANY claim was made that LDN had ANY "efficacy" (i.e., effective mechanism) for Depression or Anxiety! Where did you read that it did? Or did you just hope that since it DOES have a long list of disorders (disorders mainly related to Immune System problems and Neurological nerve damage related problems, that surely it MUST also be good for Depression and / or Anxiety).

I also have stated specifically that - other than as a secondary, indirect effect on a situation depression or anxiety, that I have never read anywhere of LDN having any positive effect (efficacy) on psychological Depression and/or Anxiety.

And - though I belong to NO forums of an LDN nature, I have spent countless hours doing not only research on clinical studies and scientific research on LDN and read papers and articles by the TOP experts of LDN Therapy... but also countless hours reading postings on LDN forums.

The very positive postings on those forums ARE from people who LDN has worked miracles for... and why would there be a scad of negativfe postings??? Postings by people who had no luck with LDN working on a disorder that it has no mechanism to effect???

WHY would a doctor prescribe LDN Therapy medication to someone who the doctor knows has a disorder that LDN would NOT be even slightly effective on? That would be as bad as mainstream doctors prescribing an antibiotic for a viral or fungal infection. It would do no good at all.

So, posters on LDN Forums WOULD tend to have very positive posting because if you are prescribed it for a disorder that it is known to have an effective response to, in the vast majority of cases the LDN is effective and the postings are going to be extremely positive.

My son and I are both on LDN - and in the therapeutical ranges of 1.5mg to 3.0 mg for now (he is about 3 weeks ahead of me)... He moved up from 1.5 mg to 3.0 mgs about two weeks ago, and I having just started LDN at all in late December, just moved up to 3.0 mgs like 3 days ago.

In both our cases we felt minimal improvement at the 1.5 mg dosage... but almost overnight much more significant improvements now at the 3.0 mg.

Specifically, within just a day or two we both noted the "elevated mood" feeling that we were NOT experiencing at the 1.5 mg level (Why? Because we were NOT getting total Endorphin secretion shutdown at 1.5mg, but we are both experiencing now at the 3.0 mg level - and I believe will experience more fully when we respectively make the dosage change to 4.5 mg level (I personally feel that I am getting somewhere around a 50 - 70% shutdown effect at this 3.0 mg level).

So, once again I challenge... where are your links, our research?

Here's just a handful of mine:
(How many - if any - of these studies and research papers and articles have you read? Any? I have read every one that I could track down - which was at least 90% of them).

Let's just start with there. You go through the clinical research data, studies,and articles of these "quasi-quacks" who have no clue what they are talking about (compared to what you :just believe")... and then put up some links supporting your viewpoint.

BTW... who high-jacked this thread off the LDN Topic anyway?

How about some forum courtesy and moving those questions and chatting to another thread???




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