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Re: Alternative therapy board psych chat

Posted by delna on October 26, 2009, at 2:56:22

In reply to Re: Alternative therapy board delna, posted by psych chat on October 25, 2009, at 22:44:41

> As you are uncomfortable with alternative suggestions here on the med board, I am uncomfortable with censoring other people's thoughts.
>I guess I feel very strongly about free speech/individual thought.

Firstly that post was aimed at no one in was just a general thought and a comment on how i felt about that thread. I think that's allowed.

Secondly, I believe in free expression too- what I said was nothing to do with censorship.

However, IMHO it's not an issue what you say but where you say it (and to whom). Especially when there is a special forum for alternative therapy, for believers.

For example, if I were to post/push my faith related opinions here, (instead of using the faith board) in answer to medication related issues/questions I don't think it would be appreciated and I DO believe I would make at least some people uncomfortable... ..... and TOTALLY offend others.
Yes, some people may benefit from my religious views on why we are all ill. But others would just feel awful, especially if they have had to deal with similar theories.

I will give you an example to explain where I am coming from:
Not that I believe it myself (or have any faith related views), but in Hinduism (my supposed religion) apparently you deserve your illness for past crimes in previous lives and you need to pray/do good deeds to recover- not resort to drugs. It's your karma and drugs are not going to change'll just come back in your next life with the same if not worse problem.
I think people who want to hear that and learn more about how they should idol worship/ pray to be free of mental health problems would migrate to the 'faith board'. There I could give them lots of tips on which particular gods to pray to, share different chanting methods and examples on how these things have cured people. (NB: I am a non- believer myself so I am just using this as an example. Also Hinduism is not so crude, I am just making it sound harsh to make my point). But believe me I have heard all this before and even been sent for exorcism (!)

Anyway, I hope you can see where I am coming from. I, personally find the pushing of alt therapies and anti-psych talk on a med board more offensive than any religious lecture could ever be.

Incidentally I am not seeking an argument nor a debate. I'm ill and have no desire to enter into conflict. Sorry if it made you feel like I was being a teacher and moderating the board. I have no energy for that.I was just sharing my view. I hope you can see my POV.

Best wishes
Take Care




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