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Really inconsistent

Posted by ColoradoSnowflake on October 3, 2009, at 13:03:36

In reply to Re: being 'out of it' Sunbath, posted by delna on October 3, 2009, at 10:05:10

Sunbath and Delna:

The big reason I didn't post for awhile was because I couldn't figure out how I felt. I knew I was feeling better and better overall, but specifically, even now, I don't have a clue! My friends ask me how I feel and I can't explain it. and it changes all the time.
I think Parnate IS a hard drug to take because of have to have a lot of patience to ride it out.

I asked my pdoc if I could take it all at night and he said to start dividing it between dinner and bedtime. Last night I went out to dinner with old friends, forgot about the Parnate, got home at 11:30pm and didn't know what to do. I took 40mg. plus the nortriptyline immediately, waited until 1:30 and took 30mg Parnate. I was kind of scared. I went right to sleep, up once at 3 or 4am (my usual), bathroom break, went right back to sleep until 10:am. Feel really rested. Wow.

I checked my BP and it was OK, a little high. But after I took the second dose I did notice my arms itched terribly! Like a big allergic reaction. (liver?) It was gone this morning.

I took 100mg of Provigil and felt positively ready to face the day! I'll take another 100mg at noon.

Sunbath, the Provigil is very important to my feeling sharp. I would REALLY want it if I were in school!!!! Is there any way you could get it or something else stimulating? like Girl takes Adderall, someone else takes d-amphetamine? Maybe enough Parnate will do it for you. My pdoc said I could keep increasing my Parnate up to 80mg day without even checking with him. I am at 70mg/day which feels right. And I think in another month or two I will lower it to 60mg. It seems like it is doing a whole big bunch of long over-due "housekeeping" in my brain and that is what makes it so inconsistent.

I felt pretty terrible on it for a long time. I fell asleep like a narcoleptic! sitting up talking to someone, at the wheel of the car (eek), I just could not stay awake. And I was foggy, also. I had low low BP, I itched all over, my face, hands and feet were puffed up. It wasn't fun.

I can't believe how much better I feel all the time now. I'm older than you guys and I think it's taking my body longer to get rid of the old and build up the new. Sunbath, I wish you had another month at least until school started. Those feelings you describe I had also, they are gone. I'm much more up and outgoing and cheerful and funny and clear. I don't worry all the time. My old friends last night were amazed at how much I was like my "old self". My sleep seems to be of better and better quality as I go along, also. But then I'm in my 6th month of taking it. I wouldn't be surprised if you need a lot more Parnate! Maybe that would make up for not having a stimulant to add.

It is surprising to be dealing with such fatigue when I thought I would be super-stimulated. Maybe that will come later and I wont need the Provigil.

I know it will work for you guys!! and it's worth it!!

Good luck!





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