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Re: Suggestions re: Someone Who Refuses Medications Phillipa

Posted by bleauberry on September 4, 2009, at 15:06:05

In reply to Re: Suggestions re: Someone Who Refuses Medications bleauberry, posted by Phillipa on September 3, 2009, at 21:20:06

> BB this is schizophrenia.

Yes I saw that part.

>Not the same as depression person could be out of reality.

Could be. The poster didn't say. There are varying degrees of it. We have no clue at this time so I won't venture an assumption either way.

>Do you know or have you met schizophenics when they stop their meds?

Yes several. Spent time in the hospital with ones on and off meds.

>One I took care of brought home a possum dead in the road and was cooking it to eat.

I'm sorry to hear that. Not concerned about the strange choice of meat or taste, but it might have been rotting.

>His Mother also well controlled schizophenic had him admitted and once back on meds he was fine and able to function in the world. His Mother always took her meds.

In your own words, "everyone is different". "Nothing works for everyone."

I think it is a stretch to make these kinds of assumptions on such little information.

It has been shown that schizophrenics can be revived back to functional society without medicines. If she doesn't want medicines then society, family, and friends should utilize every possible strategy to offer her alternative options. That creates hope and ends the suicidal threats.

I don't know her, friend of my mother, but a schizophrenic woman is functioning pretty well off meds. Sure you can tell she isn't normal. But she is fine and safe. Her recovery has been strong support from a counselor, and a lot of love and empathy from her family.

Another woman I do know personally. She sounds like the spouse in this thread. Really bonkers, suicidal, a roller coaster ride with no apparent end in sight, in and out of hospitals, drugged up bigtime, no real gains after doctors had their say. Somewhere along the line she turned to Jesus. She abandoned her meds. She sought help from family and friends, became involved in the Church, and now appears so normal you would never even know her history unless she told you. Jesus and family support were more powerful than all the meds, all the doctors, and all the years, combined.

The moral of the story...medicines are not the answer for everyone. Medicines can have shortcomings. Medicines can themselves make a person's pathological course worse over time than if left alone. Even the worst of schizos can be managed well without meds. I present the possibility that this woman probably deserves a shot at a different choice of treatment. Whether it would work or be suitable in this case, we don't know.

We can make a pretty good assumption of the future based on history however. The history shows a failed path in this particular case.

As I said, however, none of us have enough detail about this case to really offer more than a general opinion on the topic as a whole, which may or may not apply to this particular case.





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