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Re: amantadine helped me in the past ... but psychosis bleauberry

Posted by yxibow on August 25, 2009, at 23:41:27

In reply to Re: amantadine helped me in the past ... but psychosis yxibow, posted by bleauberry on August 25, 2009, at 17:18:12

> Hey, I understand your passionate stand. That's cool. But calm down. You don't need to get so upset.

Sorry if it seemed "overpassionate", but I am entitled to my views of overuse of antibiotics and antivirals. Yes, its off-topic. So I will conclude it here.

> Forget all the debates going on here that are off topic from the thread. They are counterproductive to the topic of the thread. If you want to debate any particular topic in particular, invite me to one of the other forums of pbabble to make your case.

Case made, over, done with, agreed. You are entitled to your views.

> Jereon has an unusually troubling med history.

I don't like to talk about Jeroen or anyone in the third person.

Yes, he has an unusually troubling medical history -- so do I.

But, and I have said before, it is very puzzling to me and contrary to anything that would normally go on in a psychiatric facility in the US, how long he has been in one.

Here, with our health insurance crisis, especially mental health, someone would not spend a year+ in a mental facility even if they are "a danger to themselves" beyond 14, 21, whatever day "holds" because it just doesn't happen. People are released. I know it isn't perfect.

Yet, through all the fog, there is actually a hint, a clue...Amantadine. In the eyes of an observant detective, that is one very powerful clue, likely to be unseen, ignored, or scoffed at by casual observers.

Perhaps a clue... but do remember that in large quantities it could upset the balance of things by causing psychosis in someone who has a psychotic spectrum disorder. Or even not so large amounts.

> My point is, if Jereon were to explore the Amantadine ramifications, it would do nothing to further med resistance in the world.

Of course not, I have never said anything above to the contrary, I was making examples about vancomycin and Cipro mostly... not amantadine which is no longer a mainline drug for the flu, and is used in Parkinson's and to an extent for EPS.

But if one wants to casually read Wikipedia, yes, amantadine was supposedly used in China in large quantities in chickens. Not a good idea.

> Med resistance is mostly due to casual use of meds when they were not crucial. Epstein Bar and a dozen other nervous system viruses are very serious with marked psychiatric complications. I think the window should be open for Jereon to consider that angle.

I do not deny central nervous system viruses are a serious problem. Some are worse than others -- viral meningitis has far less morbidity than bacterial.

Epstein-Barr is present in most all humans. How it is activated into virulence is not completely understood. I know of someone who died of it, so I'm not unaware of consequences of such classes of things.

> As several international medical books state, "when treatment is not working, one must reconsider the diagnosis." In this case, Amantadine is a very strong clue.

Yes and no.

See, here is where the third person comes out, and I do feel very much for Jeroen, but I cannot understand how his doctors continue to play merry go-round with the same medications.

If one really wants to give a fair trial to, say, an antipsychotic... its not days, its not weeks, but it can be months.

I know months are a long time -- I am an example of, well, its not helpful or useful for my depressive state about where I am, but sometimes I can even estimate the days that things have been tried or used into the 4 digits.

Also its hard to imagine all of these medications being used, other than low potency ones in someone who has or claims to have TD. Which is why I wish there was more thorough neurological testing. What seems tardive is not always so and it takes a trained eye.

I'll just leave it at civility that I am puzzled and have reservations about his care.

Now, in the first person -- Jeroen, this is not meant as any criticism of you as a person, your feelings and wants in life, which are very valid.

I just sometimes wish that one thing at a time was given a chance and not 2 medications piled on top and then removed and then added, etc. But that I leave to your doctors.

Best wishes to you and to the former, I hope what I was trying to get across was understood in its sense.

-- Jay




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