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Re: amantadine helped me in the past ... but psychosis » bleauberry

Posted by yxibow on August 24, 2009, at 23:47:09

In reply to Re: amantadine helped me in the past ... but psychosis » yxibow, posted by bleauberry on August 24, 2009, at 19:14:04

> > Good grief.
> >
> > Amantadine and rimantadine have been so overused that a number of flu strains are RESISTANT to it.
> We're not talking flu here. Jereon's case is in a slightly different arena, no?

No. It is irrelevant. Each person that continues to use amantadine for no scientific purpose is -- well here, I'll exaggerate : stockpiling Cipro and taking it because one feels the sniffles makes Cipro more and more useless when the general population around you needs it.

You reduce the effectiveness of a necessary device for real emergencies.

Now with amantadine here, I'm not going to say that there aren't psychiatric purposes -- it was already overused so it isn't of much use for influenza -- I'm just saying the advocacy of using antivirals and antibiotics for psychiatric conditions when there is nothing indicating it endangers the public just as much as the opposite, not vaccinating. One becomes akin to Typhoid Mary.

Rimantidine I'm not sure of... its also become fairly resistant.

And I've seen some posts in the past that have been suggestive of Lyme testing and antibiotic use for everyone when there isn't any reason.

You're entitled to your opinion and there certainly is a place on the board for alternative and complementary medicine, but I think it can scare new people worried about their diagnosis.

> >
> > Conserving antivirals and developing new vaccines and chasing the rainbows by developing new antivirals are the only ways to continue to protect people.
> People are suffering NOW. If it were you, you wouldn't want someone else to say conserve this med that might help you or wait 10 years for a new one.

Of course if I was in an ICU with no choice but vancomycin or linezolid or whatever I would want a doctor to make the best choice for my survival.

But it belongs no place outside a hospital where segregation and medical common sense prevail.

MRSA is real.

And its also been shown, controversially perhaps, that if one's T cell count is decent, having a "vacation" from HIV antivirals might prevent resistance in the future in that person if mutation occurs or however.

Also, only three drugs are supposed to be used at a time, there have been cases where more have been used and not only is it dangerous to the patient because of organ damage, it also makes things more resistant.

Conserving means using antimicrobial agents in a valid place and not popping antibiotics for a non febrile common cold. A years' worth of doxycycline is overuse. All in moderation.

> >
> > Annual flu shots are one of the best ways to avoid resistance, and I'm not going to listen to lectures on thiomersal.
> You can have my share of thiomersal, eh-hem, excuse me, mercury. Flu shots are available without thiomersal if you ask, by the way. If someone wants a voluntary dose of mercury, I'm not going to lecture that person. Their choice.

Most, but not all vaccines are now available without thiomersal because of mercury scares. The amount of thiomersal was NEGLIGIBLE.

> >
> > Guillain-Barré, yes it is a problem, but at least as many people die of the flu as car incidents in the US.
> I don't understand that logic. Let the sick suffer because just as many die in other ways?

G-B is RARE in the normal influenza vaccine. We've learned something from the previous swine flu panic which caused an elevated amount of G-B. That's why the swine flu vaccine is being developed carefully.

G-B is unfortunate, and its not always fatal nor always as powerful in people.

There have been far more stories of breakouts of things like mumps because people don't vaccinate their children for religious reasons or because they feel it will cause autism because we don't understand autism very well and people are desperate for answers, some of which aren't terribly scientifically based.

Someone who is not vaccinating their children for "religious reasons" which is in my opinion unfortunately allowed as a reason to not follow local health department regulations, and sends them into a public school is sending a ticking time bomb and as far as I'm concerned, I agree with the dramatization case on Law and Order, its depraved indifference when other children come down with a strain of mumps and some die.

> >
> >
> > -- Jay
> Wishing you a smooth day.

Thanks, and the same to you, we can agree on that, I wouldn't say otherwise.

-- Jay




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