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Re: Supplement straw poll

Posted by sam K on August 20, 2009, at 3:16:34

In reply to Re: Supplement straw poll, posted by bleauberry on August 19, 2009, at 17:15:31

let me throw my opinions in here.
ok so, If youre taking sam-e, I reccomend taking folate instead. Why? because it's cheaper and for me it feels like the exact same thing. I think folate makes sam-e in the brain anyway too.

Fish oil- fish oil isnt really good or bad for me.(mental illness wise) But Im pretty sure its good for heart health and just healthiness in general for me.

Magnesium- HA. they say it cures depression.. I took it and became clearly more depressed. But I do take it every day pretty much for my bipolar symptoms. Like racing thoughts, grandiose thoughts, over energized. And I really like it, its pretty effective.

Multivitamin- Yea i take it everyday. No mega doses though. Only 100 percents.

Herbs- Um yeah.. Im a weird guy and every herb Ive ever taken has made me weirder, so IMA lay off the herbs. HERBS MON'

Marijuana supplements- no just kidding but I wish. This drug would probably make me so freaking weird if I used it every day..

Cinnamon- a bit over placebo. Basically does zilch. i took it for blood sugar/insulin control purposes. Better than nothing.

B12 sublinguals- Good.. energy and a teensy mood lift.

Chromium- Chromium chromium chromium, why do you always do me wrong? Every time I take any chromium supplement I get more depressed than ever. Teary, tired,

Ginseng- NO NO NO. this stuff makes me very weird and makes me more dissaociated/ question reality.

Kava- makes me depressed

Valerian- depressed

Ashwaganda- hungry as hell, feel decent, more paranoia though


Vitamin D- good for mood, too much makes me worse. Overall good supplement.

Vitamin C- NO

Vitamin E- Calming, too much will make me sad though. Good supplement.

Acetyl L Carnitine- Very good supplement. I like amino acids. cool concept. Good for memory, long and short. Antioxidant, Good for mood, concentration, no anxiety flare up.

Taurine- Thought it was going to be awesome, but makes me depressed and really slow. Not pleasant for me.

5htp- Great supplement, though mild. Improves my well being and is calming. Makes me somewhat irritable though.

Trytophan- Very bad for me. Puts me in a dream like state, worst supplement for me.

GABA- Relaxing but lasts to long. Makes me lay on the couch all day watching cartoons. Has a rebound effect too for me. Calms me then once it wears off Im more anxious.

Theanine- crap for me. depressant.

Lithium orotate- made me very depressed and unhappy.

St johns wort- more anxious

Bach Rescue Remedy spray- Good. Calming, kind of flattening. Does what it says, releives tension and anxiety. Probably good for panic disorder.

Glucosamine and MSM- good for joint pains. I read MSM is good for mood too. Going to have to look into that.

Vilift- Crap. Total crap. And my mom paid $50 for it. Such a scam..

Damania- calming

Schizadra- calming

Rhodiola Rosea- more anxious, less depressed.

ALLI- very good weight loss OTC drug, expensive though.

Benedryl- good if I cannot sleep or am really manicy.

Supplements Im looking into:
Vandium (maybe)
All the amino acids
N acetyl l cerine?




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