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Re: Supplement straw poll

Posted by bleauberry on August 19, 2009, at 17:15:31

In reply to Supplement straw poll, posted by uncouth on August 17, 2009, at 20:52:20

While all these supplements have "generally accepted" benefits, that doesn't mean they are always good for everyone.

Example. There is an institute that specializes in treating psychiatric disorders with specific vitamin/mineral/chelation protocols individualized to each patient based on very thorough detailed lab testing. Some of these people are overmethylated...they must avoid all forms of vitamin b...they already have too much. Some people are undermethylated, they need a lot, but which one? Without testing, you don't know. You could be making things worse.

> Eleuthero (siberian ginseng)
Depending on the dose, probably benign enough. No telling how it interacts with meds though.

> SAM-e 400mg
With its high sulfur content, its downsides are:
-it can stir up stored mercury and lead in fat tissues and send them to the brain...depression and other neurological possibilities are highly likely if that happens.
-Yeast and other hidden opportunistic invaders love sulfur. Their normal daily secretions and toxins cause debilitating depression that is not very responsive to meds because the meds are doing nothing to stop those exotoxins.

> Multivitamin
Probably a good thing, but depends on the doses. If it is a megavitamin, probably not a good idea. Something with 100%RDA is good enough. The better option is to include a 100%RDA vitamin with an extremely well chosen food list...high in veggies, fruits, proteins, fibers; low in sugars, grains, and starches.

Copper toxicity is probably fairly common. Psychiatric symptoms result. Copper piping in buildings, as well as the lead solder joints. Without testing, taking supplemental copper in a vitamin is a gamble.

> Chromium Picolinate 200mcg
Probably benign, but anything is possible.

> Omega-3 fish oil, 4g EPA+DHA
Touted for antidepression and anti-inflammation, in a small percentage of people it worsens depression and causes inflammation flare-ups. I cannot touch fish oil without feeling worse. How do you know it isn't working against you? 4g is a lot. It obviously is not providing therapeutic effect. For health reasons, reduce it to one capsule per day or every other day. Be sure your brand states it is pure of heavy metals. Keep in mind, clinical studies are contradictory...some of them showed zero benefit from fish oil. It is not a matter of how much oil, but how balanced all of our oils are. Too much of anything aint good.

> Sublingual B12
Multiple cases of B12 induced worsening of depression have been reported here. How do you know you aren't one of them?

> Rhodiola Rosea
If it isn't the brand "Mind, Body, Spirit", forget it, whatever you have is crap. I have compiled dozens of reports from people where Rhodiola made them tired, headache, didn't do anything, nervous like coffee...all from supposedly top brands. That is not the case with the above brand. Dose is important as well. Too much can work against you.

> Magnesium Glycinate 400mg
Mg makes a lot of people feel depressed. Sure there are magical stories on the net of how great Mg is. Seen them all. That doesn't mean it is for you or me or anyone else. Show me the clinical proof. Glycinate is similar to GABA or benzos, which themselves you know are nervous system depressants. For anxiety, helpful, for depression, it's a gamble. A lab test is pretty easy. Mine showed my Mg was already healthy just from good food choices. No wonder extra amounts of it made me feel bad. Balance.

> Zinc 30mg
Seems reasonable. It has the benefit of displacing any high copper levels.

> Turmeric extract (Curcumin)
Excellent supplement. Would probably show its true colors if not drowned out by all the meds and other stuff.

> Aniracetam 750mg
I've heard conflicting stories on this one, so I can't really say. I would be suspect. If I knew it wasn't doing something really good for me, I would eliminate it.

> I used to take 5-htp, 7-keto, DMAE, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Phosphatidylserine, but have already withdrawn from those
> Please help me.
> Uncouth

I don't see any easy way out. Of all the supplements listed, I personally would probably keep Tumeric, Rhodiola but only if the MBS brand, and a low dose multivitamin.

Most or all of the meds would have to go over the next 3 months. I was in your shoes and that was the only way to dig out of my hole and get a fresh start.

So we have a tough depression here? All these meds and all these supplements seem impotent? What's up with that? Well I'll tell you what's up with that. None of them are doing a thing to target what is causing your brain to be under assault.

For future supplement considerations, I would suggest you shop from this menu:
Oil of Oregano
Cat's Claw
Olive Leaf
Black Walnut+Wormwood+Cloves

If you do some searches on these things you'll see why. By trial and error you have already eliminated a lot of potential culprits in depression, but some of the top ones have been accidentally missed. These herbs cover them all.

And of course take a look in your mouth. If you see silver fillings, you are looking at the cause of your entire physical and mental slide.




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