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Help - trigger - scared

Posted by Garnet71 on June 24, 2009, at 0:42:32

I am concerned about having underlying psychotic sytmptoms...With an intense transference with new PDoc a week ago, though it as ok at the time as a childlike feeling, the end result was traumatic for me (the way he handled termination of our patient/doctor relationship).

When I talked on the phone with him tonight about my meds and the situation we had in the past,I felt the transference overtake me within 30 seconds of our conversation-I could't concenrate while on the phone with him, couldn't think, and the transference feeling again entered my body like a possession, thouh not as strong as last time. I'm not thinking of that in a delusional way, but it's just that powerful.

So were ase supposed to meet in a couple weeks, but I'm concerned. I feel like when I see him, I'm goign to have a psycotic reaction from the intense transference; neve rhad a psychotic reaction befoe, can't explan how I am unituitvely feeling this. I am I thinking I've had underlying psychotic tendences. I am also wondering if sleep deprivation is part of this, but I think mos tof it was last experience with PDoc/analyst.

So I'm not going to take the dextrat tomorow either. I wonder if that was part o the rason, since dopamine problems are and aspect of schitzophrena. My grandmother had schitophreinia. And could exlain why it's not working the smae as last script

Can xanax stop a breakdown if you are on a verge of psychosis and address it right away? Can you take an mild/small does antipsychotic to prevent a full breakdown - which one?

Should I call him and ask for an antipsycottic atr I exlain situation? i never felt like tis befor and scared. Can't go to class tomorow either. and my attendance is part of my greade I can't go to an ER after seing my sister trauamtized during nreakdown and after I was strauamtized, accussed of being a drug seeker

What meds can be taken for psychosis?

I'm scard, bt to tired I can't keep my eyees offen anogher AND fell aleep whiel writing tis. Took 3 xaax. I feel asleep for a moment while writing this post.

So any idea of prventative psychosis and apprpriate meds, psychsis ect

I think I'm going to sleep now and not go to school again tomorrow. It's going to hurt my grade, but I don't feel stable right now. I can't explain how or why, but i feel it emerging an I' am so scared.




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