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Re: Has anyone else noticed that..... Michael Bell

Posted by cactus on June 22, 2009, at 4:30:21

In reply to Has anyone else noticed that....., posted by Michael Bell on June 21, 2009, at 23:28:22

> Has anyone else noticed that:
> a) medications that have norepinephrine reuptake inhibition as one of their mechanisms of action, such as reboxetine, and tramadol, increase emotional instability, increase the feeling that others are judging you/staring at you, etc., and increase sensitivity to perceived rejection?
> b) Drugs that are effective for the physiological aspects (heart pounding, sweating, abject terror) of social anxiety, such as klonopin and Nardil, don't help with the "social paranoia" aspect of social anxiety, meaning the beliefs and thought processes that people are looking at them, judghing them negatively, etc.
> c) SSRIs + Antipsychotics are pretty damned good for the following: anger outbursts, feelings of frustration, and social parania.
> d) klonopin, on its own, causes depression and anger issues to worsen.
> e) drugs that increase dopamine production and availability as the main effect increase anger, frustration and rumination?
> This has been my general experience with meds. Insofar as social anxiety is concerned, a combination of risperdal plus lexapro has proven much more effective at addressing issues such as anger, suspicion of others' intent, and social paranoia than any other medication, even more than the so called "gold standards" of SP treatment, like Nardil and Klonopin. I've really begun trusting people more and actually looking forward to social gatherings, so I guess the social reward mechanism has very weakly started to kick in. My guess is it will get stronger as time goes by. Also, meds that cause oxytocin release, such as Vilazodone might do, will also probably have profound effects on prosocial behavior.

WOW, we are all so, so different, I'm ALMOST the total opposite to you. It just goes to show how differently we are all wired. This is a very interesting topic, thanks for bringing it up.

I'm just starting to find that:-

a. reboxetine is just starting to mess with my emotional stability but not tramal. I've been on reboxetine now for 2 and a half months, it was amazing at first.

b. klonopin/rivotril (clonazepam) has been a life saver for me and does help greatly with SP, anxiety etc....I've never tried Nardil and don't plan too.

c. SSRI and AP's are quite possibly the worst drugs I have ever taken, and I've tried loads of them and will never ever take them again in this life time.

d. I'm one of the people who doesn't get depressed from klonopin/rivotril at all. I'm lucky, it has saved my life on numerous occasions and is awesome for SP, anxiety etc.. for me, even on it's own.

e. DA's (dopamine agonists) were amazing for my mind, positive thinking, socialising, calming and energizing BUT my body didn't like them. I put up with the constant vomiting because I felt so good upstairs. I had to stop them in the end because they made me so sick, even in small doses. I was so upset when I had to give ropinirole away.

I'm glad your meds are working for you. I haven't had to take an AD for over 2 years, reboxetine was so good at first but now I'm not so sure. I also take 200mg modafinil, 6mg clonazepam. Maybe it's back to TCA's for me or I could try Moclobemide ( Aurorix, Manerix) again. It's been over 15 years since I gave that a go. Peace C




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