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Re: 2 questions about Nardil

Posted by Vincent_QC on May 6, 2009, at 7:52:16

In reply to Re: 2 questions about Nardil, posted by desolationrower on April 30, 2009, at 23:32:15

> > Hey to all!
> >
> > First, for those taking or have taken Nardil, is the weight gain really that bad or can it be controlled. I eat very healthy (no sweets of any kind) and exercise. So will the weight gain really be that be an issue?
> >
> > Secondly, can you take remeron with Nardil? Trying to think of different meds to help with insominia.
> >
> > Thanks,
> >
> > Courtney

Strange that peoples talk about weight gain on the Nardil. I had morbid obesity before, I had a gastric by-pass in 2001... I had a weight of 450 before my surgery and I always had a obesity problem, even as a child, it was easy for me to gain weight, even if I was eating the same food than the other childs... In my family, we never had "fast food" or things like chocolate or chips, my mom was severe on this... I think I never chew a gum before the age of 10!!! But I was a fat kid.... not linked to genetic cause I Was the only one "fat" person in my familly... Anyway...

I always had extreme gain weight on all the newer AD'S like the SSRI'S, Remeron or Desyrel...but I never gain a single pound on the Nardil... I was on the Nardil from January 2007 until may 2007, I was eating everything I wanted, even cheese or soup or proteine shakes, never had any problems, never gain a single pound... and it was at a period of time where I stop school and I had also stop walking or exercises... and no, I don't gain a single pound on it... Even with my gastric by-pass, I can gain weight easily...

With the Parnate it's the same...neutral for the weight gain...

Some peole will talk about the Gaba effect of the Nardil, who is aparently the cause of the weight gain but I don't see at all the link between the Gaba-ergic effect of the Nardil, who is weak by the way, and the weight gain...

I'm taking huge amount of Benzo meds each day, Valium and Rivotril, who are the most powerfull gaba-agonist drugs... and I never gain a single pound because of why talking of weight gain cause by the Gaba effect? I don't know...

I agree, some AD's make you feel like you want to eat all day long... I understand also that some meds can block the signal in the brains, the signal who told your brain that you have eat enought... but I never experience that feeling on the Nardil or the Parnate. I think it's more another over-exaggerated side-effect example...

For the sleep problem... Seroquel is the first to try... but loose a lot his powerfull effect after one or two months... so mean dose increasement... Remeron can be also a good choice, but I think a possible "interraction" can occur with it, related to the 5HTP2... and the Desyrel (Trazodone) is also not recommended because of the "potential" interraction... but I think some PDoc or Doctor will let you have that one in RX, in a smaller dose just as a sleep aid... PErsonnaly, I found the Trazodone to be the worst for the "next day dizness effect"... The seroquel is ok... take maybe one week before getting used to the next day sedation or dizness effect but that don't last for a long time...

Naturals products are not very helpfull... or safe either... Sleep aid pills OTC don't worth the trail for me... and the Melatonin don't help either, in fact it's have a strange interraction (migraine) on me...




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