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Pristiq...The good, the bad (SAD and anxiety)

Posted by Vincent_QC on March 26, 2009, at 7:34:53

Hi everyone!
Since my last post turning into a language post, french-english and grammaticals errors...I ask the question again...

Did someone on this board try the Pristiq for social anxiety disorder? If so, is it true that it's worse the anxiety a lot at first (like the effexor do??? I was craving for more and more benzos drugs on the effexor)...

Another technical question. Pristiq it's an extended release...It take around 7.5 hours to reach the max peak level in the blood. I had a gastric by-pass who make my total digestive system with a 4 hour maximum of transit...mean that I eat and 4 hour later it's ready to go out of my body...That it mean that I will not absorb it ??? Or I will maybe absorb a small 20-30% of the dose? IF so, the recommended dose is 50mg, even if in the studies, the 100mg and 400mg groups did more well than the 50mg and the 200mg groups...So what can be my target dose is I absorb just 20-30% of one pill of 50mg??? I'm not a pharmacist and they don't seem to know the answer...I had the exact same problem with the Effexor-XR...they was unable to tell me what was the % of the dose I was absorbing I was on a special super high dose of 450mg divided in 5 intakes/day...

Also, in those studies, you can see that the maximum good effect (not complete remission, just partial answer or improvements) is only a small 13%...and it's on the groups of the 400mg/day...but the FDA approved it at 50mg...the % at this dose is lesser than this... The marge between the Placebo group and the 400mg make this med not very good no or promising no???

Since we are all different, I don't want to lost another 8 weeks of my life trying something who will not help me... Did I stick and wait for the Marplan approved for the importation or I just go on trying the Pristiq??? And if I go with the Pristiq, should I expect an increase of my anxiety lever??? My anxiety level in social or general situation is already at is maximum...I mean that I have to have a HUGE control over my Valium intake to be sure I don't take more than the 20mg i'm suppose to take a day!!!!

For what I remember, last summer, when I Was put on the high dose of Effexor-XR, I was so skinny, I was not eating, I was tired as hell (no change since then), I was smooking a lot, I became addicted to high dose of Xanax, more than 8mg/day...)...I fear that the Pristiq will bring back this kind of side-effects...for the weight loose that's ok...but the increase anxiety and craving for benzos drugs it's a big NO!!!...

BUT, I can point the fact that before, I try the Celexa...and I got no answer at all and no side-effect (just weight gain) at 40mg/day... I was put on the Lexapro, the same med just the isomater inactive removed, and I had a more strong reaction, more side-effects, more weight-gain, yeah I See a small difference in my anxiety...but I was like dying and without any was like the world can explose, I don't care...but in other hand, in social events, I was feeling quite anxious, moist hands, fast heart beat...

So another time, any good input or help, especially for the Pristiq dose with my gastric by-pass will help me a lot!

Thanks everyone!!!

Vince ;-)




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