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SS??? or What??? Losin' It Real Bad - Help?

Posted by Fivefires on March 9, 2009, at 16:27:35

Saw pdoc. Intern whispered to him 'serotonin syndrome' while we were talking. I'm on Eff-XR75, Xanax2 tid, Xanax-XR1mg tid, notriptyline10, and doc just up and won't let me have a Provigil. I want to to do u-know-what. My leg is bouncing up and down fast, breathing all erratic, extremely, beyond my imagination agitated. Help. WTH is happening? I'm scared. I metabolize fast and told him was tolerant to Prov200 and could pls have 2-1/2 tabs; said no. Now I have none. I'm angry and sad and scattered. My whole body is jumpin' around, but rigid at same time. No fever. To what was the idiot intern referring to when he said ss. The addition of nortriptyline? My condition as he observed me? I need answers. Pdoc doesn't return calls. Neither does PCP. Will not go to ER. Going to take a tsp of taurine and check back. I need something bad. What is this? I obey them and they abuse me. I think I'm forgetting what have taken, maybe take another; not sure. Also, I hide meds, for fear person may come over and take to sell. Then I forget where hid. Have run out of hiding places. Did I take too many P or did I hide them; IDK; said one week early. No one will help me. Fam wants me to flip out or OD so I'll be forced into a detox. Damn intern; was he diagnosing me as having already suffered it? What are you like if you have and live to tell about it? All are angry w/ me becuz' I research, exposed bad caseworker behavior. Pdoc said 'you're tryin to run your own treatment'. But, what does he do? Session b4 last he smiled and sat back in his chair and said 'I can't figure you out'. He's never had any brainstorms, suggestions; somebody has to do something. Anyway they don't like that I can function. From injury on oxycodone 10/650 4yrs. Ins. took off formulary and doc replaced w/ oxycontin and I guess I could have been slurring for it; was loopy. Was gonna' get off it that day. Called direc*or about an indicent, not involving any I've spoken of here, but instead about inappropriate behavior on part of my incidcent w/ case manager. I guess she thought my voice was slurred, but failed to say anything or maybe ask me why. She called my daughter and said was sending police to commit me to a county institution. They all came, saw I was fine, and left. It was the oxycontin. Then doc that wrote the oxycodone realized 5/325 was still available, when, I told him! Should have been his first choice. But, he knew I might go to detox becuz' made mention of this. Think he felt scared and wrote 5/325 every 8hrs!??? Isn't that a cut of 3/4??? 10/650 for 4yrs then all of the sudden 5/325 every 8hrs. Idk what to do. No Provigil now for a week. Will not be able to move soon. Won't be able to get out of bed. No one comes to see me. They think tough love will make me go detox. Don't know where Provigil are; either I hid them or accidentally lost threw a packet away. Don't think took. Memory never so horrible. Extreme confusion, agitation, loss of patience. I cannot let this county know what's happening here. Poor county w/ caregivers out to get me. No protection.





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