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Re: please define derealization

Posted by SilkyWilks on February 26, 2009, at 12:42:23

In reply to Re: please define derealization, posted by DissTired on July 30, 2003, at 2:00:09

> Wow! I never heard anyine describe this so accurately. I have tried explaining it to my med providers, but even they seem confused by it.
> I do have panic disorder, but its been mainly under control for several years. I still get this part of it though, I just try not to freak out and have not had a full-blown attack for a while.
> My question to anyone who may know the answer is this. Why would lighting be such an issue? Malls, libraries (flour. lighting), and dusk are big triggers of derealization for me. I also sometimes get it at the restaurant where I am now working.
> I used to dread sundown for this very reason.
> > I think everyone has their own definition of what derealization and isn't.What triggers things for some might not for others.Here has been my experience with derealization.
> >
> > -It is a trance like state in which you feel and see the world but don't feel not connected to it.
> > Some people probably feel minor dr when doing such things as fasting,sleep deprevation,meditation,an lsd trip is almost exactly what it feels like to me etc.Or if you wear glasses and take them off the whole world is a blur.It is one of the biggest symptoms for me during a panic attack.Both dp/dr are basically disassociation with the "normal"world.Some psychiatrist believe they are just symptoms of panic and not a disorder of its own.Alot of people with dp/dr feel the symptoms and then start to believe the are going insane and must be schizophernic.To the person it for sure feels like psychosis but rarely that is the case.
> > To make matter worse,sufferers may feel symptoms 24/7.EXAMPLE-After a week of looking at your spouse or kids and not feeling like you recognize them and seeing them in a distorted way, it becomes very hard not to think you arent insane.Example-
> > Its like when you see scary movies and there is a fish eye lense on the person and everything in this person's world is racing,thoughts and images are going second to second,that is kinda like dp/dr.Sometimes I think it would be easier if a person were psychotic because they dont know they are.But to a person with dp/dr they are very aware and mindful of their condition.It is a horrible way to live.Basically a 24/7 panic attack!! Some things that bring it out in me are:
> > -fluorescent lighting
> > -The time of day when the sun sets
> > -staring
> > -crowds
> > It seems as though persons with dp/dr might be very sensitive to sensory overload,especially visual things.So if someone wanted to catch a small look into the life of a person with dp/dr,stay awake for over 50 hours,dont eat anything and be under constant fluorescent lighting....Im sure the world would seem odd to anyone who would try this experiment.
> > Take care

Hi there!
I'm so happy to have found this post because it describes what I feel in a way that I have never been able to describe it! I am really suffering with my derealization at the moment. My symptoms come at dusk/night, under bright artificial lighting, in shopping centres/restaurants/clubs, in crowds, where there is lots of noise, or when I am having a face-to-face conversation with someone. And I don't know what to do about it! In these situations, I start to feel disconnected from the surroundings and extremely overwhelmed by all the sights and sounds around me. I struggle to have a face-to-face conversation with people during these times because things seem hazy and distorted. And I feel like I might lose control or faint any second. Is this how you feel to? I would love to hear from you as I really need to chat to someone who is experiencing the same things as I am
Thanks so much




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