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Re: Let's make a list of hypnotics - sleep medications Roslynn

Posted by yxibow on January 24, 2009, at 19:08:22

In reply to Re: Let's make a list of hypnotics - sleep medications, posted by Roslynn on January 24, 2009, at 18:30:55

> Benedryl and other OTC antihistamines.
> I personally don't like benedryl but had to take it recently when I had a cold.

I don't like it either, that's why I use the doxylamine succinate version of Unisom. Benadryl gives me after day depression, at times. I do take it at a higher dose than noted as I took diphenhydramine, just because I tend to metabolize things faster. Don't do this without your doctor's say so.

Another one that I think wasn't on the exhaustive list of hypnotics was Dalmane (flurazepam) which is pretty strong, more than Restoril, for some people.

Amitriptyline I would second as a pretty good candidate (I can't take it now because I take Clomipramine, and you don't usually mix TCAs, nasty unpredictable things happen.) Due caution with patients who are depressed, as it has no.. antidote, its just as bad and similar as a barbiturate. Don't take this line any longer than it needs to be said. Otherwise it is a good medication and an adjunct antidepressant even at the 10mg sleep dose.

Its curious, Scott, the list, because basically its the list that the FDA with *ss protection has made (all), just like the list of every antidepressant that could possibly in some astronomically small case could cause teenage suicide (all).

Outside of the US, Mogadon (nitrazepam), and related Rohypnol (flunitrazepam), and the probably not manufactured Placidyl (ethchlorvynol) -- besides its danger, I believe it uses CFCs to manufacture.

In the pseudoalternative spectrum (some psychiatrists actually list this), l-tryptophan.

And then you're getting into the alternative spectrum, with Valerian (which does have some GABA properties). I found it nauseating the morning after and since I have such a serious sleep issue, it wouldn't work for me anyhow.

Ditto for Kava, and all its problems, caution, caution.

-- tidings

-- Jay




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