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Need urgent advice PLS. Almost at my baseline dep.

Posted by AdamCanada2 on January 1, 2009, at 21:39:43

I know this may seem a little long put please read or skim over it. My symptoms at the bottom of page. It took me 3 days to be able to finally feel like I can write this.

I been off Parnate (which I tried various doses of) for about 5 days now. The lowest which was 5mg before completely going off it. Highest being 40mg which would be too much and make me want to sleep all the time. 10mg seemed best out of the 20mg 30mg 40mg etc. I am very sensitive to meds usually.

Now... since I been on just tiny bit ativan until I am able to get valium tomorrow and yesterday tiny bit of ritalin that I stopped and see how I am without it, a closer baseline... I am able to see in hindsight that 10mg parnate did in fact help my dep and social anxiety. Here is what it did overall...

Parnate, the good and bad:

- Searing head pains gone!
- Productive (feel like real reasons to get up from bed)
- Enhanced energy
- Often stimulating effect
- Extreme Anhedonia diminished to some degree. More able to enjoy, and have interest.
- Helps for Depression to a degree.

- Works well with coffee
- Ritalin effect enhanced at low dose parnate

- Worsening evenings (Evenings would get tiring, depressing, even terrible very often)
- Severe insomnia and sleep exhaustion.

- Not as social as I was on paxil
- Low sex drive

I was on parnate 10mg + valium for about 3-4 weeks and it was not bad compared to how i feel now which is terrible. Added in little bit of ritalin (but i have tolerance to it) during final week and it felt like I had one of the best weeks in a longgggg time.

Now without it, and without any paxil, and without the 20+ meds that I tried which did little/nothing or worsened dep.

My symptoms are:

-Harsh often burning head pains
-Extreme Anhedonia
-Non-social, not talkative
-Lacking emotion
-Difficulty thinking/concentrating
-Apathy, feel like a zombie
-Only feel minimal pleasure and motivation

Would nardil be a good option? Pls dont mention any SSRI's or wellbutrin. I tried those unless some new SSRI's are out but I doubt I can afford them.

Worst case scenario at least I can feel something better than 'horrible' if I go back on Paxil 10mg or Parnate 10ish mg.

My doctor refuses to prescribe me a proper sleep aid such as ambien/lunesta though. So I dont know but being on parnate even with 6 hours or less sleep a day was quite better than how I feel now.

Please offer any advice.




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