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Re: Need advice! Nardil switch to Parnate!! JadeKelly

Posted by ParnateStarted2008 on December 6, 2008, at 14:00:51

In reply to Re: Need advice! Nardil switch to Parnate!! ParnateStarted2008, posted by JadeKelly on December 6, 2008, at 12:52:55

> Hi Phil,
> Actually have only taken 50mg one time yesterday.
> > If your feeling ok, how is 50mgs/day Parnate treating you? Do you have the initial "good feeling" from the NE/EPIneph?
> Nope. (Only took once yesteday-not sure about it now, help?)
> Actually haven't been feeling so great for couple days: Bad nightmare, irritable, sad, crying (not the good kind) OMG!!! FEELINGS!! NO!! Thought I was supposed to feel good. I feel Yuk. That was why I upped to 50mg. Geuss I thought 8 weeks was enough.
> >How are the side effects... I may be asking too much here as you just raised it.. Im eager I guess to know your progress. If ya Feel like crapoolliioo dont worry about my questions..
> NO, NO! I do feel like crapoolliioo physically and mentally, but tell me I'm normal and this will go away!!
> I realized I had been on 30mg/6weeks and 40mg/2weeks (seems like 8 weeks is a while on Parnate) and geuss I panicked and called PDoc. He raised to 50mg. But you said wait 3 weeks on each. Did I make a mistake? Its not too late, I only did it once. I can go back to 40mg for another week.
> You, and other poster said its normal to feel wierd, I just don't know if this is "the wierd" or I'm just backsliding and need to keep on 50mg. I feel a bit scared and headache and like I'm going to cry. Not good cry like yours. Don't want to leave my room.
> So, up the dose to 50mg?
> Or this is normal and stay on 40mg longer?
> Def got some feelings coming back, but not good ones. (Can I go back to numb pplease?) Ok, more crying this is rediculous.
> > I got trazodone 50mg at bed time today so Im not taking Zopiclone or Seroquel tonight, and hopefully never again. I guess that cuts 1 pill off my regime.. slow but progress. next is going off Clonazepam...
> Good for you!! Lots here take trazodone. I'm geussing it will help you sleep?
> Me too, I need off Conazepam. Take for my neck, but maybe a couple right now....JK!
> NOT quitting Parnate, its been 8 weeks tho, would love to know if you think I'm on right track/ or this isn't normal and I should feel differently.
> > Talk to you later
> OK, Phillipe!!
> Btw-Phillipa said to mention: you have to let admin know of name change, or you could get block or something. You probably know that.
> Thanks for all, hope to hear from you soon.
> ~Jade
> >
Morning, Stay at 50, I sure would. sooner or later The Serotonin AD effect should kick in (I know , its always Should) and that is the neuro to get you some happiness back. upping 10mg/s every 2 weeks sounds good. I figured maybe 3 if you needed more time for the side effects to settle down. when I was at 50 and reduced to 40 because of overwhelming side effects it cost me like 3 weeks more waiting. I should of held on and gone to 60 mgs when the 50 wasnt working. Ya those emotions/crying spells are a Parnate issue foresure. I find I'm doing a bit better now, but at my week 8, even tho I was at 60, I sure was an emotional wreck. I believe the higher you go, the happier you get (thats why high doses work good for anxiety people and phobias, the serotonin really kicks in) At lower doses (<60 ?) I believe you feel more task oriented and feelings. Serotonin numbs alot of people. I'm probably going to go to 70mgs/day soon for a better responce to anxiety. I wont forget I was alredy on Nardil the day before switching so I know i got away without having many Parnate startup SE's.
Jade I know its been 8 weeks but if you dont get to your sweet dose it will never kick in, just gotta get there, I think your getting there. Ya I would agree with that person startup feelings are really weird, I felt crapoolliioo like you much of the time mixed with manias at dose increases and then I felt Good withh lots of emotions, now I feel OK/good/less emotions. I think 70mgs will bring me more serotonin and happier thoughts for anxiety which is in a way , numbing.
talk to you soon.




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