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Re: anhedonia along with severe insomnia

Posted by X_ander on November 22, 2008, at 4:35:50

In reply to anhedonia along with severe insomnia, posted by X_ander on November 16, 2008, at 22:44:12

Ok I'll respond in point form to sort of keep things on track..

1) I'm on my second day of bupropion 150mg..not feeling much, sometimes things seem to brighten up..but then they darken again. It's almost like my brain is trying to get out of prison but not quite getting there. I've had this feeling before when I tried the Label Me Sane supplements and stuff..not sure if any of you have gone that path..didn't do much, but that's a discussion for another day.

2) changes, good one. I'd laugh if I could. Or did I just then?? Hmmm...yeah well been there done that. In fact it seems to have a pradoxical effect on me. The more stuff I force myself to do the worse I feel. New places, faces, races..anything else that ryhmes, does NOTHING. Sorry if I sound flippant but I've had my shrink tell me this stuff for a while..doesn't work.

3)Animated first post? Well thanks I guess. I try to force myself to sound better than I am. Often to my detriment in a psych session. I have a dark sense of humour, even tho I don't laugh or care I try to make others laugh...its either that or sit in a corner and stare at the wall...this is the sound of me trying to fight this thing..

4)As for dopamine reuptake inhibitors (aka stimulants)...the US is ok with them if they're prescribed. Australia is definitely among the most conservative countries with psych meds in the world. No exaggeration. Even my pdoc agrees.

Yes, the small percentage of ppl who may abuse prescription stimulants is/would certainly be enough to make tabloid front-pages..consumer groups would be up in arms...right-wing conservatives would use it as a politcal pawn.

The large number of us who suffer from chronic apathy/anhedonia don't really have the strength to fight for the things we so desperately need. A kid gets high on ritalin and tom cruise jumps on a few couches, the fact that street-drugs are mostly stimulants adds to the stigma... and although the FDA (for the US) and the TGA(for Australia) may know that it could help...nothing gets in the way of votes and money.

If there is ever to be a change made to help those of use who need needs to come from us. Using the psychiatric journal articles that are out there. Read them. Show your shrink. This is science supporting the theory. There's a US psychiatrist named Don Nathanson..he has patented a treatment plan for anhedonia, focusing on dopamine neurotransmission. Google "treatment for anhedonia" it should be there. SHow it to your shrink. Knowledge is power.

5) Dopamine agonists without the PBS coverage (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for those non Aussies) wont be $50 a pillits like $1.50 a pill. Expensive yesbut if it works, a small price to pay of course that depends on your finances.

6) Selegiline is MAO-B selective (up until about 10-15mg if I remember correctly).. As I understand it MAO-B metabolises only dopamine. However, dopamine is the precursor to nor-adrenaline. So Id think that you increase dopamine, then downstream metabolisation means you get more noradrenaline. Of course that is a very basic way of looking at it.

7) Getting a doc to prescribe it can be hell. But dont let up until you get your way. Its all you can do so dontDO NOT give up. Its your life on the line, not theirs. Dont be submissive. They can be intimidating at times. Again knowledge is your friend. Go in there armed with papers. Journal articles on anhedonia, apathy and the dopamine connection. These are written by doctors pretty much for doctors/students etc. It shows what youre talking about is real. Do it.

I think thats it. Ill update any new developments on my condition and the bupropion treatment.

Take care, X_ander.




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