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Re: emsamer for 1 year

Posted by daflyingmir on August 18, 2008, at 9:37:06

In reply to Re: emsamer for 1 year, posted by tnmom on August 18, 2008, at 8:49:18

> > I just wanted to share that I have been on emsam for one year and had very few problems. I'm on the lowest dose and I don't have to worry about being on that special diet. On the otherhand, you should follow the restrictive medications list. I had the starting of a hypertensive crisis after being put on adderall with my emsam. Even though it's clearly marked that they interact, the doctors (the same ones that prescribed me the patch so you'd think they would know better)put me on it anyway. Once I stopped taking the adderall within 2 days my symptoms went away with the hypertensive crisis but I had to be observed just in case it had gotten worse. Other than that I have had no problems with it whatsoever. It's important to remember to change it every single day, there was a few times I forgot to change it for 3 days in a row and my depression came back with a vengance but once I started changing again it took me about 5 days to get back to "normal". It helps with my anxiety alot too. I no longer get panic attacks and can now do the things I used to avoid because of them. I hope this helps everybody :-)
> Hi! I'm new to this site and have just read your post. I have also been on Emsam (6mg/24hr) over a year (4/07) and it worked really well, now the effects don't seem to be working as well. I was using the patch everyday, then the pdoc said that I could use one patch for 2 days. Maybe that could be the problem, I should probably use a new one everyday. He wants to up my dosage to the 9mg, but I'm terrified to do that! He gave me the script and one for hypertension crisis, me, someone who is afraid to take anything new! Needless to say, I'm not using the 9mg! I'm also taking Xanax XR 0.5 mg - 2 times a day, Depakote 500 mg - 4 times a day and Seroquel @ bedtime. I have been cutting down on the Seroquel for awhile now (due to weight gain in combo with the Depakote), it's 25 mg and I'm now on a quarter of that at night. Having trouble getting to sleep even after taking the Seroquel. After taking the Seroquel it takes about 2 hours to get to sleep, sometimes I go on to bed even if I'm not sleepy. Read about insomnia on alot of posts with Emsam! Sometimes, I also have dreams/nightmares that wakes me (and hubby) up crying uncontrollably. Normal? Could use some advice, please. Thanks!
> Sorry, forgot to add what I've been diagnosed as having. Bi-polar II, depression, anxiety and ocd.

Yeah I wouldn't do the every 2 day thing, it tends to screw things up when your body doesn't have the chemicals for even a day. If you do get upped to 9mg you have to start following that stupid diet which is almost impossible to follow because there are so many things you cant eat. I can't take take xanax or anything in that family. The day I went to the ER with the hypertensive crisis the ER docs wrongly diagnosed me and said I was having a panic attack ( i could barely lift my head because it hurt so bad and i kept on passing out, you cant tell me that's a panic attack)and gave me Valium. Come to find out when I lost feeling in my legs, started hallucinating, and got massive sores in my mouth that I was allergic to it. I didnt find that out or that what was going on was actually a hypertensive crisis until the next day when I had a follow up appt. at the mental health clinic. I have insomnia as well, but I had problems even before the emsam. I've always been nocturnal. I'm on ambien right now which isn't cutting it at all. I keep on waking up 5 times a night for no reason on that stuff. Have you tried trazadone? lol that stuff knocks you right the heck out but you kinda feel a tad groggy the next day though. I had night terrors a while ago and they had me on visteral(sp?)and that helped but the next day I felt like a zombie because the effects didnt fully wear off the next morning.




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