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Re: Low Cortisol, Seroquel, Anxiety

Posted by Nuala on August 4, 2008, at 19:35:31

In reply to Re: Low Cortisol, Seroquel, Anxiety Nuala, posted by Jay_Bravest_Face on August 4, 2008, at 0:12:51

Well, as I am sure you know chronic fatigue has been investigated with respect to impaired HPA axis function, and some treatment regimins have included low doses of hydorcortisone.

From reading on the adrenal boards and addisons, some people do quite well.

the thing is that treatment for these conditions usually mean a small dose of hydrocortison or equivalent steroid that mimicks the amount nauturally made by the body. So, I have been told that the typcial dose of 20 mg HC is equal to 5 mg prednisone. A very small dose for persons on supraphysiological doses of steroids for inflammatory and other conditions. It is likely that your sister is on a higher dose than the body makes on its own under normal circumstances.

I would say that if you have a problem with testosterone, it is likely (but not definate) that there may be another endocrine problem. For some reaso, it tends to work this way.

IIf I had your problems, and had been (or still are) on psychmeds, I would have a thorough investigation of my thyroid, adrenal and sex hormone function. It is a given that most psych meds have some effect on the eondcrine system.

Also, some wiht endocrine dysfunctions like myself, that were long-standing, but untreated (read STUPID dr) are subject to psychiatric manifestations of these disease states. Depression, anxiety, and psycosis are quite common in people wiht thyroid, adrenal issues. Sex hormones too effect one's mood. But, most psychiatrists do not concern themselves with such matter. Many psychicians have trouble diagnosing thyroid adrenal and sex hormone dysfunction. So, the end result is many of us get put on psych meds as a first resort.

you can only determine if you can go the natural route by tring it. But I would not try anything really (aside from what you may try re your testosterone issue), till you get yourself fully checked out.

If you need to know the tests etc you may need, I would visit some of the thyroid, adrenal and mens' issue boards.

good luck :)

> Well, this is sort-of a bit away from the cortisol HPA stuff, but of course I think is inter-connected. I was supposed to go see an endocrinologist about this issue, but a urologist was more quickly available. (I am a male, 38.) I've been having some major problems with hormone fluctuations, basically a massive drop in testosterone. We don't know if it is med induced or what. I have gotten little if any relief from testosterone replacement gel at the highest dose, and my levels are still low. I am going on a trial of the anti-cancer med Arimidex, because it shows to greatly increase testosterone and reduce 'harmful' estrogen in men and women. (It of course is usually used with women cancer patients.)
> But, I also suffer from chronic fatigue, as well as 'zippo' in the sex-drive region, and I feel almost un-human sometimes. I have had some hunches that there might be an adrenal HPA problem here as well. The thing is, what do you do about it? I read about the 'usual' cortisone treatment, but my sister is on that due to a major bowel inflammatory problem, and it has mostly gave her the usual side effects, like weight gain, black under eyes, etc. Thing is, that is a bit what I sometimes look like after my years of psych med use. So I wonder, am I sometimes getting too little cortisol and sometimes secreting too much? I've thought about going the 'natural' route, with adrenal extracts and black licorice.
> So, I don't have an answer to your questions, sorry. But I just wanted to relate.
> Best,
> Jay




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