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Re: Drug Combo for Bipolar ll

Posted by garylee on July 4, 2008, at 19:31:34

In reply to Drug Combo for Bipolar ll, posted by ajax1 on June 26, 2008, at 18:27:39

> I'm trying a new combo, most things have failed for me. I'm taking things very lightly and then adding on later if needed.
> 250 Depakene at night...really helps me sleep
> 1/4 75mg bupropion AM for depression
> 300 Trileptal AM as a mood stabilizer for the bupropion.
> My Pdoc as also given me Xanax and Restoril for anxiety and sleep as needed.
> Does this sound OK? Like I said, everything effects me, even Lithium and Lamictal make me hypomanic.
> Thanks
> Reed

Hi Reed, hope you are well.

I too am diagnosed BPII/NOS and have been on the same meds (bar a few added) for about 6 years now.

My current combo is:

Lamictal 400mg (morning, wakes me up, more alert and have much better cognition)
Sulpiride 100mg (morning, helps majorly with SP/anxiety
Clonazepam 1mg (before bed, calms my head and heart and keeps me under)
Seroquel 50mg (before bed, onjly side effects used, knocks me out, though have put on weight from eating through the night... :OS)

BP II's I have found from reading and personal experience respond well to Dopamine meds. I almost had remission on a maximum dose of Mirapex a few years back. I came off to try another DA and second time round it didn't quite have the same effect. Was gutted. I'm currently researching DA's that have affinity to the D1 receptor, some in the making but not approved as yet. You may want to try other DA's such as Ropinerole. I'm ordering a wekeks supply of the famous Survector (Amineptine) the only ever SDRI made. I have high hopes for it. We'll see though.

Other than the DA's, Opiates seem a good option too. Subutex was another drug that brought close to remission, very comparable to the Mirapex. But after four weeks at 2mg it pooped out. Also the constipation was begining to be unbearable! Didn't go for almost two weeks, was carrying bricks. Lol.

You mentioned that you are hypomanic on Lamictal. I was too at first, 25mg felt great, was up for 3 days... :O) BUT, it does faid as you tritratye the dose upwards. I was taking 200mg till about 2 months ago when I doubled it. Was having a bad time and needed a lift. My brother takes 600mg...

Back to Dopamine again, something such as Abilify was good too, but once again constipation and then akathisia set in andmade it unbearable.

I have tried too many meds to remeber now. Parkinsons, Alzhiemers, Anti-Convulsants etc etc, but the search goes on. I also want to try Vicodon or Oxycodone next, as I responded well to the Subutex, another Opiate.

Anyway, I'm rambling now, but feel free to ask any questions, always glad to help.






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