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Sexual Side-effects..*new* cutting-edge treatments

Posted by Jay_Bravest_Face on June 23, 2008, at 16:11:29

I wrote about this in a post above but the subject line was different, so I don't think many read it. Here is my post with a few little changes in it:
(This is all YMMV, IMHO, etc...)

First..I state this a few times...but this mostly applies to males.

I've had sexual side-effect difficulties for almost 15 years or so of my SSRI/SNRI use. Mostly in the second half of that time period, though. What works and what is just a waste of money, well that does vary between people, and between men and women. The first ones below listed are the ones claimed by doctors and many to be "the best" treatment. I say this is not quite true, and again, in particular in the "male" department. Below them, I've listed some of the leading-edge, top-of-the-line treatments available, some which many may not of heard of.

But first, these are the ones you hear most often 'recommended' with research that goes back 10-15 years but still doesn't seem to have much worthiness.

1) Wellbutrin (for many cases anyways.) Women seem to have a better response from this med.

2)Viagra...does not work on sexual feeling or the 'drive'. I've tried 'em all..Cialis, etc

3) Periactin (generic Cyproheptadine) Absolutely nothing.

4)Stimulants (Ritalin, Dexedrine.) While Dexedrine was a great drug for me, it still did nothing in the libido dept. Ritalin, no go either.

5)Requip and Mirapex: I've tried every dose and way on these drugs, with no go.

Here are a couple of things that "may" work, out of them all. Now this is from some referenced studies, and case examples as well as my own subjective (bias..heh) experience.
I don't have the references off hand, but you can find the info on line quite easily.

1) Apomorphine:(p.s. has NOTHING to do with the drug morphine) will work about 99.9 percent of the time. It's a med not marketed in N. America, but it is in Europe. If you have the cash, you can import it from Europe. It's of course a very expensive (even moreso then Vigara) drug because it pretty much guarantees a male will have an erection after taking the drug. Again, though, cost and ability to get in N. America are difficult factors.

2)Dostinex: (generic Cabergoline) Is a prolactin inhibitor. This med will not only improve libido, it will make you lose weight. (Mostly if you are overweight, especially from many psych meds that increase prolactin levels.) It only has to be taken usually once a week. It is very expensive as well. There are some concerns around long term use and the med causing leaky heart valves. So there may be a bit of a risk, but I have chosen to take the medication in 8 doses. (2 months)

3) Testosterone (Gel or Patch). This one is a little 'iffy', as I have been on the highest dose for two months, and just a 'tiny' change in my libido. My testosterone levels are still coming back low from the lab. I am at about a 12, which is in the lower end of the scale, as between 20-30 are optimal levels (I don't know what that is measured in.) There is yet ANOTHER drug that can help, and it is called Arimidex (generic name is anastrozole). Now, it is officially labeled as a drug for cancer patients, but is used 'off-label' for men with low testosterone combined with the testosterone gel, as it quite quickly increases testosterone levels, and reduces harmful estrogen levels in men. (Yes, us men do have Estrogen too:)
You don't want TOO much testosterone, though,as that can be dangerous in men too. So, do this under a doctor's care if you can, or just be cautious.

4)This is a REALLY 'iffy' experience, and not a lot of data to back it up, but Serzone (nefadizone) has helped myself with sexual stimulation. (i.e. esp. around a girlfriend or admiring the ladies..:)

Well, that is all of my latest research. Yes, I've been VERY desperate, and that is why I've gone to the edge and back to find what REALLY works, with some scientific data backup. I'll know, hopefully, in a few weeks if Dostinex goes well. I will post about my experience.

Best wishes,




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