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Re: Need Advice on Med Cocktail. Please help! SLS

Posted by yxibow on June 18, 2008, at 14:36:06

In reply to Re: Need Advice on Med Cocktail. Please help! yxibow, posted by SLS on June 17, 2008, at 15:33:14

> > I partially agree for some that a cocktail works -- but there is no magic bullet,
> Usually, a "magic bullet" means that one has found one treatment that works for everyone. This is clearly not the case. It is certainly not what I intended to say.
> You and I are probably making the same mistake - projecting our own experiences to others. If you experienced what I am now experiencing, you would have not one iota of doubt that it is the result of the magic pills I take. They are magic for me, but certainly not for everyone. Antibiotics are also magic pills. However, there is not one single magic bullet that treats all pathogens.

Yes, I think we tend at times to project our own experiences overlayed on others because that is where we have started from.

I guess I was trying to distinguish intrinsically going down the road of "magical thinking" and medication that will cure all magically. It wasn't to say that everyone has magical thinking, or that even I always have such a belief -- maybe its more a frustration or hope after time.

I was probably also projecting what had been told to me some time recently in specific, which I don't wish do go into as there has been various traumatic setbacks and catch-22s, that, yes to sum up in my reexplanation to myself, there is no magic bullet that will heal all my psychobiological trauma at once in 2008.

And that's hard to accept -- because you want to work with what you knew you had and what you have now -- the future is never known of course, so why project to the infinite future?

Well that's depression and many years of illness -- but I repeat myself. I am progressing forward, and then off focus a bit, and then more forward -- that's the natural stage of things.

From what I believe your definition of magic, is more, I have an amazing set of medications that have worked for X years, and another one that have worked for Y years and they have made my functionality fantastic (or magically wonderful) as one wants to put it.

And that I think is just as healthy a view as anyone else's hope as well.

> Jay, your condition is extraordinarily intricate and seems to defy a simple paradigm of treatment. I really hope that you find your magic treatment, regardless of how much of it may be biological and how much it may be psychological.

You're very perceptive about what may be going on with me -- not that you're diagnosing, but its the intrinsic insight (and I appreciate that insight), and you're right, it does defy a single paradigm of treatment. Thank you for wishing me future forward views on it.

I think regardless of the content, there may at least (this is hope projection I guess) be some people who also have conditions that have multiple angles of treatment because they are combined disorders, not clearly (NOS) specified. I wait to meet such people because there's so much I want to discuss -- some has to be factual, but a positive hope inside would really stir. Hope comes from within







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